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Six Dimensions of LIVE

To inspire and motivate us all forward, we recently collaborated with SISO and mdg to present a roundtable video series hosted by our chief design officer Bruce Mau, who talked with six visionary thinkers about how they approach LIVE.


Live is Now - Bruce Mau

How can we take what’s happening now and use it to design better events moving forward?


Live is Learning - Barb Groth

How can we transition from routine education to truly transformative experiential learning?


Live is Sensory - Bruce Vaughn

How can we go beyond the visual and put more attention on the full sensory impact of live experiences?


Live is Community - Sherry Huss

How are we supporting our communities right now, and who is actively managing that support?


Live is Evergreen - Marc Mattieau

How can we recreate what we loved most about live events to elevate experiences now and in the future?


Live is Here to Stay - Itamar Kubovy

How are we questioning business models and status quo approaches to recreate the future of engagement?

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