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event delivery


A-to-Z event production services

Whatever your program’s size or scope, we have in-house resources and know-how to execute your vision.

Our production teams lead you through the entire experience of making your event a success. We begin working with you from the initial planning stages. How do you envision your event? What needs to happen to ensure everything works with precision on time and on budget?

From installation to final execution to dismantle, our expertise will guide you every step of the way.

We'll oversee your entire program’s logistical management. From collaborating with suppliers and venues to providing AV equipment and day-of personnel for technical support, we orchestrate all the complexities. With nearly a century of experience producing events of all sizes, we know how to anticipate and solve for logistical roadblocks before they occur.

Above all, we give you the peace of mind that your experience — and the experience of your attendees — is flawless.

Production Technology

We’ll keep everything running smoothly throughout your event. You can expect a seamless experience for your attendees and exhibitors. Behind the scenes, you can expect technical, production, and logistics teams to be in sync.

Our experts will lead you from brief to execution and oversee the entire logistical management of your program.

  • Liaise with suppliers, venue and logistics management
  • Collaborate with event producers, meeting planners, and other event partners
  • Provide day-of management including production of the event run sheet, stage management, show calling and coordinating move-in and move-out
  • Orchestrate design, supply, management, and operation of all technical elements including audio visual, lighting, staging, rigging, and more


Not sure if you need ½-ton or 1-ton hoists? Is 12”x 12” box truss sufficient or will you need to go to 20.5 “x 20.5”? Will the weight of the points be within your venue's specifications? Our stage rigging experts can make those calculations for you.

All of our riggers are highly trained with a proven track record in a wide spectrum of venues across the country and around the world. We initially specialised in touring rock concerts, with clients such as Earth, Wind & Fire; Pink Floyd; and The Grateful Dead. As other events began to require the specialised rigging techniques common to those needed in the music industry, we expanded to trade shows, corporate and special events, and expositions. Today we provide a full range of specialised rigging services on a global scale.

Custom & Stock Scenery

Logistics Management

Simultaneous Interpretation

Technical Coordination

Transportation Services

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