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A Friend In Deed

By Bob Priest-Heck

There’s an old adage that says, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." I’d like to amend this. If I’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that we are all a bit needy at times, including me. And even as we are seeking help, we are probably still in a position to help someone else, because their needs are different than ours.

Friendship is a two-way collaboration. Our actions — our reciprocal good deeds — are the measure. Whether we join together to promote a common cause or just give someone a chance to vent, it all helps. Whether we collaborate at work or on a bowling league, it’s achieving something together that feels so rewarding.

Ironically, during this time of quarantine, I have learned not only to value more deeply the friends I have, but to discover new friends I didn’t know I had. These are people who are rallying to champion the recovery of the business events industry. Many of them are colleagues and clients. Some of them are competitors with whom we are privileged to march under the #GoLIVETogether banner. Some of them lead small businesses that are struggling to understand and protect themselves from liability issues relating to the uncertainty of next-phase planning. Although the industry is huge, 99 percent of business event companies are small businesses with fewer than 500 employees. They could use a friend right now, and many of us are trying to be that friend.

Consider reaching out to your legislators to get the word out regarding a need to protect vulnerable companies. We all want to see the return of business events when the time is right, but without a financial incentive to participate, too many small businesses will be locked out of this critical sales and marketing channel, putting them behind their larger competitors. A temporary tax credit to defray the costs of exhibiting and attending will offer this needed assistance. This will once again allow businesses to participate at events, which will help all of us by promoting economic stimulus, employing thousands of people, and driving millions of dollars to local economies.

We’ve made it easy to connect with your elected officials and ask for their support by following three simple steps. Start by clicking here to join us. Be a friend in deed. #GoLIVETogether

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