All the trends fit to exhibit: What we saw at EXHIBITORLIVE 2016

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All the content and education exhibitors need to know, straight from Vegas

Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was abuzz with activity this week as exhibitors from across the world descended on EXHIBITORLIVE. Content and education played a huge part in the event with seven education tracks and over 180 sessions, many of which were so popular they were full before EXHIBITORLIVE even began! From the latest in booth technology to in-depth sessions on topics exhibitors are clamoring for, there was a lot to take in during the show. Here are a few of our observations from the floor.

Engaging experiences bring big booth fun

We all know that our attendees are expecting more from us—more content, more interactivity, more bells and whistles. That’s why designing engaging experiences is so important to gaining and keeping their attention in the booth space.

The successful booths at EXHIBITORLIVE infused their space with a sense of fun that engaged attendees and encouraged them to participate, whether it was a wine tasting, a hands-on learning opportunity, or a birthday party.  When your booth is the hot spot on the floor that everyone wants to experience, you know you’re doing something right with your engagement.

Booths themselves are undergoing a transformation as well, using things like customizable panels, overhead ceiling structures, and abstract art to differentiate from the rest of the show floor and draw attendee interest. It’s all about grabbing the eye and then delivering on the visual promise with a great experience that keeps attendees talking long after they leave.

And products like RFID technology and Bluetooth beacons let exhibitors gather key data on attendee likes, wants, and needs to interact with them on a personal level and learn more for future engagements.

Technology draws a crowd

How do you attract the modern attendee, who might have at least two mobile devices on them at any time? Technological upgrades to traditional show furnishings could be seen left and right, from charging stations to backlit dry erase counters. Tech-infused touches in booths like a graphical waterfall, virtual changing room mirrors, portable displays, holograms, touchscreen games, interactive art and more really hammered home all the creative ways that booth technology can enable brands to engage attendees.

Behind-the-scenes tech was a hot topic, too. With lead gen being a major focus for all exhibitors, lead tracking and CRM integration was a popular showpiece at EXHIBITORLIVE. Exhibitors want to be able to manage their pipeline on the fly, and the new real-time lead-tracking app from our partner DoubleDutch generated a lot of attention.

Strategy and data are big areas of interest

It’s not enough to just have a cool-looking booth, and exhibitors know it. There is an increased level of curiosity and focus on how a solid event strategy helps exhibitors meet their show objectives and also tie back into the overarching marketing or company goals.

Data plays a large part in strategy as personalization becomes increasingly more important in designing a relevant event experience for attendees. Exhibitors want to know how they can use both together to target attendees more specifically and create an irresistible experience that will make their booth stand out in the crowd.

What was your favorite part of EXHIBITORLIVE? Tell us more by tweeting us at @FreemanCo.


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