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Brand Experience: A Marketing Must That Drives Amplification

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Jessica Fritsche
Jessica Fritsche

Content Marketing Director


The latest stats on why the medium of live experience has true staying power

Experience has moved beyond a trendy buzzword to become an integral piece of the marketing pie.

Memorable experiences bring people and brands together in authentic ways. In our world, that means face-to-face engagements that truly move audiences to react, remember, and respond in real time. To illustrate how this medium is gaining momentum to become the go-to marketing amplifier, we’ve highlighted a selection of stats from across the globe.

Steady growth with no signs of slowing

Staying power that enriches marketing effectiveness

The standout shout-out: Experiences get people and brands buzzing

It’s one thing to toot the live brand experience horn and its effectiveness to impact and evolve our industry. To see the proof in black and white, however, is significant and gratifying. This means more justification for taking live events to the next level — a winning strategy that works!

Want even more proof points? Download our latest Value of Brand Experience stat pack.

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