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Brilliant Performance: 5 Ways LEDs Enhance Your Exhibit Booth

By Adam Vahl, Brendan Burget and Daryl Barnard


  • Digital is essential to modernize your space
  • Dynamic visuals attract attendees more than traditional graphics
  • Boost engagement with displays featuring interactive content

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On the trade show floor, today’s tech-savvy attendees expect to be dazzled. If you’re looking to capture these audiences, it’s time to modernize your space with cool tech.

Need an easy way to get started? Power up your exhibit with the visual wonder of digital LED displays.

What's an LED?

A light-emitting diode display is a screen brought to life by panels of tiny, color-emitting bulbs as the light source. In fact, they can be individually controlled to create a single visual or multiple images when combining several panels for a video wall or tower.

These bright, energetic screens use the same technology to light up your mobile phone, tablet, and computer — and we know how enticing those screens can be! Using these displays in your booth offers the same sticky effect. Plus, the compelling visuals provide a more effective and eye-catching signage option than traditional static graphics.

Here are five reasons LEDs are awesome and why it’s time to start using them in your booth:

Designed to Dazzle
1. They're current

From desktops and laptops to mobile phones and tablets, the majority of today’s conference-goers engage with dynamic information and cutting-edge tech daily.

So when they hit the show floor, give them the goods (your product and services) and promote your brand’s message with dynamic, state-of-the-art LED screens.

2. They're eye-catching

These displays produce greater light intensity and more brilliance than standard screens. The light and movement generated emits signals through the eye and into the brain, causing an involuntary response to turn toward the source. It’s similar to seeing a flash of light or moving object (or Beyoncé) in your peripheral vision.

3. They engage and inform

Today’s attendees don’t just want to learn about your products and services — they want to experience them! LEDs are part of that experiential shift, enhancing exhibits and deepening engagement with dynamic visuals, and interactive elements that boost the live brand experience.

These displays can be customized to incorporate branding elements such as color schemes, static logos, animated logos, and more. Immersing attendees in your brand, messages, and products brings them into your story. Go even further with that storytelling by pairing LEDs with interactive technology or virtual reality devices to put visitors in the middle of your brand’s action.

4. They're flexible

LED screens come in a variety of sizes, and the modular nature means you have endless opportunities for creative design. The tiles can be featured as standard video screens (standalone or grouped) and they can also be designed to become columns, fit around corners or curves, and easily intermingle with printed graphics and product demo stations.

5. They work for any sized booth

The flexibility of these stunning displays makes them a viable option for virtually any sized space. The high-density quality makes an impact because its resolution is crisp and clear. So even in smaller or tight spaces, LEDs can deliver content and brand messaging in a big, impactful way.

Working with a rental booth? No problem. Work with your event tech partner to determine the setup and ask about your options. To create a seamless look, some rental panels allow for LED screens to be built right into the frame. When the screen is configured within the structure, there’s no need for bulky systems that eat up valuable space.

There’s no limit to how creative you can get incorporating LEDs into your exhibit design. These sleek additions will not only boost your brand and modernize your space, they’ll also draw in attendees and surround them with your message in an engaging way.

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