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Peter McGrath on how a passion for exploration of the new and interesting can lead to better brand experiences.

What makes a great experience? If you ask Peter McGrath, SVP Creative for FreemanXP, and Freeman Design Leadership Council member, great experiences are those that last a lifetime. You know, the ones that you are willing to talk about and share with others — no matter the setting. 

In this video, Peter discusses three of his passion areas that also contribute to creating memorable, share-worthy experiences.


By traveling the world, we can explore new cultures, new people, new customs, new views of the world. Those perspectives become part of us — mind, body, and soul — and also become something to draw upon when creating new and interesting experiences.


What gets Peter up in the morning is the opportunity to interact with talented people. Collaboration can take us down avenues that are new, interesting, and explorative. We can satisfy our curiosity through collaboration while exciting one's mind around the opportunity to create something new. There is an energy in meeting people and interacting with those who work in other industries.

Intersectional Design Thinking

It’s these varied viewpoints that drive innovation. The potential for new opportunities grows at the intersection — the intersections of industries, companies, brands, people, ideas, etc. As Peter describes, creativity is not a single source. It's a collaborative activity, and it's at the intersections of these ideas, people, and talent where creativity and innovation are born.

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