CES 2017 is Coming Soon — Here’s What You Need to Know

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Jessica Fritsche
Jessica Fritsche

Content Marketing Director


It’s time for education, innovation, and a whole lot of shiny new tech

It’s that time of year again — not just the holidays, but prepping for four full days of innovative new technologies. Vegas is getting ready for CES® 2017, as are the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM and the leading names in tech, and we can’t wait to see what they’re working on. Not only is CES a great place to witness the next big ideas in technology, but it’s also ground zero for the best in brand experience. To help you get ready to take it all in, here’s a look ahead at what’s coming your way at this year’s event:

A big birthday bash

CES turns 50 in 2017 and CTA is going all out to celebrate this golden anniversary, making this year’s show extra special. There will be a commemorative opening ceremony, tributes to founder Jack Wayman and the history of CES, a social media campaign, special 50th anniversary souvenirs, and honors for exhibitors and attendees who have stayed loyal to the event through the years.

Reframing and refocusing

It’s no surprise that an event so focused on innovation is just as willing to innovate the strategy behind the scenes. To better meet the needs of its attendees, CES is combining its Entertainment Matters program, created to help entertainment and content professionals navigate the show, with C Space, a program for marketers and advertisers. This new combination will give non-techies a unique opportunity to learn how technology changes the way people consume and interact with content and entertainment.

Even more next-gen experiences

Tech like virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, and robots might not be new to CES, but they’re certainly red-hot for consumers (and the event industry). With more than 800,000 VR and AR units sold in 2016, the Gaming and Virtual Reality Marketplace reflects this with nearly 50 percent growth. Plus, CES will have some 20 exhibitors with the latest AR demos across all industries in its Augmented Reality Marketplace. Expect lots of excitement coming from drones, robotics, the latest in connectivity, and more at CES. This all means more hands-on time for consumers and more possibilities for event marketers to check out.

Check back with us in January for more coverage, straight from the CES show floor.


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