Creating a Customized Experience at CES for Clients, Partners, and Media

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Q&A with Maegan Tavara of AMD

Maegan Tavara, event marketing manager at AMD, discusses the value of personalized experiences and how they deliver more “bang for the buck” at trade shows like CES than traditional advertising and sponsorships.

Q: Tell us about AMD. What exactly does AMD do?

MT: We’re a technology company that focuses on bringing real-life experiences to consumers, whether that’s through computer processing units in your PC, your notebook or graphics cards, game consoles, tablets, things of that nature. So basically, AMD powers all of your real-life experiences through technology.

​Q: How does experiential marketing fit into your marketing plan?

MT: We put a pretty high priority on experiential marketing. There’s a lot of noise in the marketplace, whether it’s from social feeds, blogs, news, or advertisements. And so we value face-to-face interaction not only with our customers and partners, but members of the press and media outlets. With so much messaging going on, the value that you get when you sit down across a table or an experience at a trade show like CES or a partner conference is really irreplaceable. Face-to-face interactions and smaller vignettes give us more bang for our buck when it comes to marketing. It’s just more valuable to us than pushing out big advertisements and sponsorships.

​Q: Speaking of CES, what were you hoping to achieve here this past year?

MT: Our focus at CES this year is a little different than last. We’re here at the Sands Expo where we have a 3,600-square-foot space that we call Club AMD. It’s our branded hospitality suite where we can invite customers, partners and media outlets for meetings and to engage with our technology demonstrations.

We value face-to-face interaction not only with our customers and partners, but members of the press and media outlets.

Maegan Tavara

Event marketing manager, AMD

Q: What are the benefits of pulling off the show floor this year?

MT: It’s more about quality versus quantity. The people who come to Club AMD have been personally invited here by our employees for valuable meetings and conversations.

Q: How does Club AMD help you reach people on a personal level?

MT: We know our customers and partners and what is of interest to the media, and so based on that knowledge, we customize the experience, the walk-through, and the demonstrations. If you’re personally invited to a meeting in our space, you’ll get a personal tour and technology demonstrations. It’s more one-on-one than the masses.

Q: Demand generation and customized experiences are such hot topics right now. It sounds like you’re already doing that.

MT: Absolutely. We are definitely customizing our experiences when we get in front of our customers and partners. You know, time is precious, and not everybody has a lot of it, and so we want to make sure that it counts when we do have them in our space.


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