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Designing Presentations for Today’s Event Audience

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Frank Porcaro
Frank Porcaro

Graphic Designer


Three ways to incorporate design for an impactful education session

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At most events, attendees go from session to session listening to speakers, participating in discussions, and watching presentations. Want to make your presentation the one that they can’t stop talking about? Create a deck that will be remembered by incorporating thoughtful design into your slides. Whether it's intriguing your audience to continue the conversation or inspiring new questions, think about the desired results and design slides to achieve that.

What’s the easiest way to awesome? Elevate creative quality and reach your audience more effectively by incorporating these three design ideas.

Be Straightforward

Establish yourself as a thought leader by designing slides that eliminate the fluff and get straight to the point. Remember that more words does not equal stronger content. Instead, focus on strategically crafted words for each slide and add killer speaker notes.

Convey your message in a variety of ways by telling a story through design elements. The right combination of colors, graphics, and layout will reinforce your message and resonate with your audience on a visual level.

Make them work for it

Attendees want to be entertained, but they also want to interact and be a part of the experience. Challenge your audience by designing a presentation that provokes questions and makes them think creatively about the content and messaging. Break through the noise and give your audience a reason to pay attention by surprising them with hidden content and making the session a true experience. Try using second screen technology to turn a one-way lecture into a two-way conversation with polling, Q&As, and more. Inspire your audience to seek new information, jump into action, or try something new.

Keep them on their toes

Design a presentation that delivers what audiences expect, but shows them something new visually. Combine the obvious answer with an unexpected graphic or video to highlight innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. The combination of the two will grab their attention and expand their imaginations. Mixing your content with different designs, such as bold colors, interesting images, amusing videos, stunning graphics, and maybe even a bit of humor will force audiences to think about the content in a new way. By pushing the boundaries you will keep audiences on their toes and consistently engaged.

Think about your next presentation from a design perspective and spark interest. 

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