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Engaging Trade Show Audiences with AV: Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks

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Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes

Client Solutions Director


You don’t have to be an AV expert to achieve excellent results utilizing technology in your trade show booth

Some of the most common AV-related challenges faced by exhibitors are easily preventable. In fact, effectively incorporating technology into your exhibit can work to drive attendee traffic and engagement while also saving you cash. Win-win!

Earlier this month, I hosted a workshop at EXHIBITORLIVE on this topic. During the session, “Audio Visual De-Mystified: Best Practices for Incorporating AV in Your Booth Space,” I shared best practices to avoid common AV pitfalls and technology solutions to increase booth ROI. If you missed it or want a refresher on AV best practices, here are the seven insider tips every exhibitor should know when it comes to audio-visual integration in the trade show booth environment.

  • Include your AV partner during the initial planning and collaboration stages, and provide clear objectives and budget allowances for recommendations of the best solutions to meet your needs.
  • Connect your AV company with your content creators for advance file testing and appropriate hardware selection.
  • Hold your AV partner accountable for providing all relevant information regarding equipment, content and labor—as well as third-party requirements, like electrical and rigging services—so there are no surprise costs upon arrival on site.
  • Tap into social media channels to pre-market your booth and drive attendees to your space.
  • Use digital applications like 3D product modeling to save on shipping costs for product-heavy exhibits, and engage visitors with interactive displays.
  • Incorporate projection mapping or large-scale 3D displays to dazzle and attract attendees in larger booth spaces.
  • Maintain momentum and attendee contact well after the event with online contests and prize giveaways.

Have you experienced a different challenge in using AV effectively in your booth? Would you like more information on any of the AV best practices we’ve described? Let us know how we can help by tweeting us at @FreemanCo.

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