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Mike Javeherian
Mike Javeherian

VP, Digital Services

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Three steps to creating customized brand experiences with event technology

Is it possible that Amazon and Netflix have ruined us forever as consumers? Those helpful “You Might Also Like” suggestions and hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns have led to outrageously fantastic customer experiences.

And we’ve come to expect that same level of personalization in every brand we encounter.

It’s a crazy high bar for marketers to reach, particularly when it comes to brand experiences. If your event draws an audience of hundreds or thousands of attendees, how do you target individual consumers at scale?

The good news is that mass personalization is actually easier than it might seem, thanks to the power of technology. Use your technology in all the right ways, and you’ll be able to deliver the highly relevant, deeply engaging elements that will transform your program into an experience to remember.

Here are three ways to make outrageously fantastic feel effortless.

Start with Strategy

Fortunately for us, in event marketing there’s a lot of great technology at our disposal. Unfortunately, if we’re not judicious about how we use that technology, we’ll end up with a jumbled, disconnected mess.

Before you dive into the technology jungle, ask yourself these questions:

What do you want to achieve? How will personalizing your brand experience help you reach your overarching business goals and objectives?

What are you already doing? How are you already leveraging technology? Which types of experiences resonated the best?

What does success look like? How will you know when personalization is working? What are your desired outcomes?

As part of this strategy planning, clarify the audiences you want to reach. Each segment will have subtle distinctions that become magnified in a personalized environment. It’s therefore critical you understand these differences:

  • What are their deepest desires? Deepest fears?
  • What are they looking for from your event?
  • How can you stand up and deliver on these needs?

If necessary, buyer personas and audience research and profiling can help you understand how to adapt your programming to help your customer segments participate more deeply.

Tap into the Technology You Already Have

Once you’ve outlined your personalization strategy, you’re ready to fill in the blanks with technology. And the first place to reach is the low-hanging fruit: incorporating the technology you’re already using.    

Mobile Apps

Give attendees control by letting them create their own customized event schedules and agendas. Your app can also help attendees search for and connect with other attendees, interact with speakers, and post and share their experiences.

Social Media

Make it easy for attendees to join the conversation, and they’ll feel more connected. Even better, pay attention to the conversation yourself so you can learn directly what’s working and what’s not.

Interactive Touch Screens

This simple element adds a touch of thoughtfulness to your event. An easy example: When attendees scan their badges at check-in, give them personalized information on exhibitors, products, and sponsors.

Power Up with Key Additions

Ready to kick your personalization into high gear? A well-chosen technology upgrade may be just the ticket.    


Blend psychology into your technology to create fun, competitive experiences that drive engagement, loyalty and brand/message recall.

Second Screen Technology

There’s no such thing as being too connected! Set the stage for attendees to consume instant content about the very thing they’re experiencing in real time.

Lighting and Projection Displays

Use social listening or other interactive tools to let attendee preferences create the event environment.

Virtual Reality

Take your attendees to far-away museum exhibits, train them on a new product, or showcase real-life customer stories – all without ever leaving the exhibit floor.

Ultimately, these ideas are only the beginning. Your challenge is to use this insight as a launching pad to explore new ways to bring personalization to every one of your attendees.

With the right technology and a creative approach, the sky’s the limit.

For more on mass personalization at events, download our insights paper.


What you need to know to stay ahead of the ever-changing experiential marketing curve.

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