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Design an Exhibit Destination

By Freeman®

How to make your trade show booth the place to be

Our belief in impact at any price point inspired us to create the Ultimate Guide to Exhibit Engagement.

Distilled from our extensive exhibit expertise, you get the best and smartest solutions, customizable to any size exhibit, budget, or brand — including ideas you can execute for your next exhibit (even if it’s next month!).

Download the guide here.

Show, Don't Tell

When it comes to your booth design, first impressions matter — you’ve only got five seconds to introduce your brand and grab attendees attention.

Our lookbook breaks down best practices for sizzling graphics, rules for copy that generates conversation, and ways to modernize your booth with digital displays that don’t break the bank.

Get your lookbook here.

    Design an Experience, Not Just an Exhibit

    As a trade show professional, you know that every detail of your exhibit matters. As you design, be sure to account for audio visual that will elevate your brand AND the visitor experience.

    Smart audio visual choices can help your exhibit not just stand out, but also have significant positive impact on engagement.

    Dig in with our workbook.

    Make a Splash with VR and AR Solutions

    Everywhere you turn, people are talking about immersive experiences. Trade show exhibits are no longer bound by just the footprint or floor plan of your booth.

    Our three-part bundle includes a strategic guidebook, practical tip sheet, and hands-on worksheet to help you design an immersive experience that levels up your in-booth exhibit.

    Take the plunge — download now.

    Embrace Artificial Intelligence on the Show Floor

    The show floor has come a long way in recent years, and the ante has been upped when it comes to interactivity.

    Enter chatbots. A type of artificial intelligence, chatbots can be used in exhibits to help build engagement by sharing product messages and exchanging information with attendees.

    Get talking with our tip sheet.

      Put Your Brand in the Palm of Their Hands

      Digital marketing offers invaluable, ongoing touchpoints between your brand and your audience.

      What happens when you align digital marketing with your exhibit strategy and goals?
      Look out, world.

      Dig in with our worksheet and self-assessment.

        Cast Your Exhibit Staff for a Smash-Hit Booth

        At a trade show, your exhibit acts as your brand's stage. And each staff member plays an important part in your brand's story.

        Want to learn to build this team in the smartest and most strategic way possible?

        Download our booklet to deliver a commanding performance.

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