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Exhibitors: Stand Out at Your Next Show

By Freeman®


  • Digital signage is a flexible, creative way to engage attendees
  • Showcase social media conversations to build buzz
  • Offer edutainment that boosts your brand message
  • Catch attendee eyes with a digital product showcase

The first trade show was organized hundreds of years ago as a way to showcase the best products under one roof. It was a blend of traditional British retail shops and educational exhibitions. Fast forward to today and trade shows continue to be one of the best ways for exhibitors and attendees to talk face-to-face about products, services, and solutions. However, it is increasingly more challenging to create an exhibit booth experience that stands out among a sea of competition on a busy expo floor.

Your trade show experience succeeds or fails on the speed it takes attendees to engage with your content.

Digital signage is a great way to attract attention to your trade show booth. It gives you the flexibility to change messaging from show to show, it engages attendees with various types of media, and it supports sustainability by saving on printing, storing, and distributing physical literature.

Here are three unexpected ways that digital signage will strategically improve your exhibit booth traffic:

Drive visitors to your booth with social media

Your attendees are already posting on Facebook and tweeting about the event, so put it up on the big screen! Use digital signage to display content from social feeds that will encourage attendees to visit your booth to learn more about products and services.

Start your social media campaign well before the event and use digital signage at your booth to continue the conversation with the community at the event. Join the conversation and share your opinions about speakers, panels, and trending topics at the event.

Educate booth visitors with touch screen displays

Digital signage can be a great complement to your exhibit booth staff by providing useful information about your products or services while visitors wait to speak with a team member. Of course, in addition to providing information on your products and services, the interaction has to be engaging and meaningful for the attendee.

Try using touch screen displays to deliver interactive content like quizzes, games, and videos as a fun way to educate visitors about your products. If someone leaves your booth without speaking to a member of your sales team, they have still consumed your message and learned a bit about your product.

Capture leads with a digital product showcase

Digital displays are no longer just for static content. New touch screen technology lets attendees interact with your content at their own pace. A digital product showcase is an innovative way to highlight products that may be too large, fragile, or expensive to transport to the event. Content can include product images, text descriptions, PDF files, and videos. Visitors can use the touch screen display to browse your product showcase and enter their contact information to request a demo or product literature.

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