Five Earth-Friendly Event Tips for Earth Day

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Jeff Chase
Jeff Chase

Vice President, Sustainability

Because sustainability is everyone’s responsibility

At Freeman, we believe sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. It is our mission to make our industry greener by raising the bar on ourselves. Through initiatives large and small, every change makes a difference. So this year, on Earth Day, we would like to highlight a few simple ways you can make a big impact in protecting our one and only Earth during your next event or brand experience:

  • Offer a donation program to exhibitors for unwanted or unused items and donate to a local charity. Many of these organizations will be grateful to take anything and everything, from furniture, to office supplies, to raw building materials. This is a great way to directly impact community while reducing waste.
  • During move in and move out days, consider turning off or limiting full overhead lighting, running escalators, etc. This can greatly reduce electricity consumption and requires little or no effort to do so!
  • Select a transport carrier that participates in the EPA SmartWay Partners Program. This designation recognizes partners for setting and achieving greenhouse gas reduction goals in freight transportation. What’s more, SmartWay partners have saved a total of $24.9 billion dollars since the program was launched in 2004. These savings are thanks to fuel-conserving technology and strategies showcased by the EPA SmartWay program.
  • Printing graphics for your event or booth? Considering printing on eco-friendly substrates such as high quality paper. Take it a step further by printing graphics locally to reduce carbon emissions from transportation.
  • Hire extra workers for a back-of-house hand sort of the waste to reduce or completely eliminate any contamination in your recycling and composting streams. This is extremely important — once a waste hauler determines a load is contaminated, the entire dumpster is considered trash and they will not continue to sort or recycle the load. So if you are determined to make recycling happen at your next event or brand experience, these extra hands may just make or break your initiative.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day this year? How are you transforming your next event into a green event? Tweet us @FreemanCo with your ideas!


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