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Five Ways to Boost Your Brand with Booth Graphics

By Steven Levesque


  • Learn how to create compelling graphics that grab attendee eyeballs.
  • Find out why bullets = BORING when it comes to signage.
  • Tips for using dynamic LED graphics to light up your space...of any size.

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As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

At a trade show, the booth serves as a visual representation of your brand and an opportunity to impress a mass of potential customers. The way your booth appears, the branding, and how messages are communicated matter.

Think about it: With so many cool booths beckoning from every direction, attendees will decide to visit yours based on what you can do for them — and those offerings are communicated with signage.

The most effective graphics clearly communicate an organization’s key messages with enough impact to catch attention across a busy expo floor.

You exhibit to get noticed, so your graphics should do the heavy-lifting!

Here are five ways to pump up your signage muscle.

1. Go big or go home

In our multi-tasking digital world, attention spans are already waning. Add in a competitive expo hall and the challenge for eyeballs skyrockets. Harness that two-to-three-second window of opportunity for visitor attention with big and bold signage.

No matter the size of your space, hefty, eye-catching graphics broadcast your brand. Consider setting signage six to seven feet above the floor — this elevated placement ups the chances of eye-level attention.

2. Keep it simple

You can go big, but that doesn’t mean complicated.

Bypass confusion by designing your message around one key point. Excessive text creates visually busy signage that will be ignored.

Clean, clear graphics with spare messages (ban the bullets!) lure visitors to come inside and learn more. Empower (and train) your booth staff to engage interested attendees by presenting the finer points through conversation and demos.

On a tight budget? Don’t worry. Concise signage that clearly shows value to an attendee is often the best way to engage people, especially when you need to make every dollar count.

3. Design is in the details

Play up your brand by using graphics that complement and enhance your message. And mind the details such as:

  • Color – Use a color palette that aligns with your brand standards. Avoid distracting patterns or treatments that could draw attention away from your message.
  • Fonts – Keep your fonts simple. Use a maximum of two: one for your taglines and another for mid-level directional graphics. Avoid novelty fonts. Bold, non-serif fonts are easier to read from a distance.
  • Lighting – The right lighting effects enhance graphics and point attendees to the most important information. Key lighting, whether it’s overhead, accent, or backlit, can engage attendees and provide directional cues within the booth.
  • Images – Choose images that visually tell your company’s story or convey a specific message or theme. Fabric signage works well with photography because it can offer a seamless look.
4. Illuminate with LEDs

Dynamic graphics, powered by LED backlighting are bold and eye-catching. They allow you to convey more information in a short period of time. This new tech involves printing high-resolution graphics on fabric, which provides a vast canvas to highlight messaging and images in a large lightbox.

Want to go a step further? Consider LED video displays for dynamic moving images.

5. Preview your space

Carefully check all booth renderings and product layouts to make sure the graphics are not blocked or hindered by monitors, shelving, or any displays. Partner with an exhibit house that offers previews of your booth graphics and their placement before the booth ships. This preview allows for layout and graphic adjustment well before move-in.

Don’t underestimate the power of booth graphics to lure visitors. Effective signage communicates your organization’s key messages, draws attention to your brand, engages visitors, and creates a lasting, favorable impression.

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