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Freeman Automotive Experience Study: Insights from the Most Influential Consumers in the U.S.

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The latest research data from a panel of affluent, design-centric consumers

It’s important for brands to understand their consumers. Staying in sync with audiences is what creates loyalty and lifetime customers.

A particularly high-value segment is made of design-minded, affluent consumers who stay on the edge of trends and influence others through their tastes and opinions. They also tend to try new products sooner and give advice to others. The preferences and attitudes of this key group are reflected through the Freeman Design Insights Panel.

The Freeman Automotive Experience Study is the first study we conducted among the panel. Here are some highlights of the attitudes and opinions of this leading group of consumers.

Part of the value of a research panel versus standard survey research is the ability to go back to the panelists for additional information or deeper insights. While we plan on digging further into the results (and these are just some sample highlights), if you’d like learn more about this research or conduct custom studies, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Download a copy of the Freeman Automotive Experience Study infographic

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