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Get stronger audience engagement through the connection of color

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Tony Allen
Tony Allen

Senior Producer


Believe it or not, event marketers are on the same wavelengths as neuroscientists.

Have you ever noticed how some spaces are especially relaxing and calming, while others tend to irritate or perk you up? There’s a good chance the color arrangements in those environments are playing a big part. Interior designers have long known of the influence of color on our emotions and state of mind—the same holds true when appealing to the senses of event attendees. 

When we create a unique brand experience, we aim to produce customized experiences that deliver unique messages and tell stories. The more vivid and authentic an experience is, the more effective and memorable the outcome for participants. Leveraging the scientific correlation between color and emotion can help us engage our audiences in new ways and boost the impact of our brand experiences.

Designing with the outcome in mind

When harnessing this neuroscience knowledge, it’s important to incorporate it into your event design after thinking through the kind of reactions you want your audience to have. How do you want them to feel? What do you want them to focus on? Designing your event experience with the end in mind is an important component of design thinking, which helps to ensure that every event you create is more effective, and implementing these psychological effects is just a part of that smart approach to design.

When you know what emotions you want to evoke, it’s time to find just the right color to fit the mood. A recent study by the University of British Columbia discovered that red boosts our attention to detail and performance on tasks such as memory retrieval, while blue enhances our ability to think creatively and encourages our ability to think outside the box.

Event design techniques you can try

Applying the psychology of color theory to the environment of event design takes things up a notch and helps to ensure that you’ll get the response you’re looking for from your audience.

As an example, our Evolution Lounge at Expo! Expo! utilized a theme of “fire and ice" to inspire creative stimulation among participants through the use of red and blue. The lounge was divided into two sections and driven by state-of-the-art technology and décor that embodied the color concepts. Even the food and beverages were themed to match each hot and cold environment.

The fire lounge was ignited with red LED up-lighting positioned around the room’s perimeter and freestanding structures. While lighting was programmed to give the appearance the wall was burning up in flames, projection and LCD screens looped sizzling animated graphics to reinforce the blazing atmosphere.


What you need to know to stay ahead of the ever-changing experiential marketing curve.

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