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Innovative Insights: The Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team

By Freeman®

Editor's Note: Stay tuned for the latest and greatest videos, Q&As, and insights featuring the newest Dream Team members.
The Dream Team is in season!

Every year, Event Marketer produces the B-to-B Dream Team, powered by Freeman — a collective of the best and brightest B-to-B marketers in the event industry nominated by their peers from all over North America.

Get inspired by the roster of all-stars on the 2019 B-to-B Dream Team!

  • First up, we have Erin Moore of Alcon, who inspired us to realize that some of the most valuable real estate in the world measures 10 feet by 10 feet.
  • In this video, Erin describes how her team focuses on creating memorable human-to-human experiences to help doctors help their patients.
  • Next, learn how to create immersive, inclusive, and exciting events with senior event producer Kelsey Schimmelman.
  • Watch this video to discover Kelsey's perspective on designing experiences to delight.

Congratulations to the rest of the incredible marketing minds rounding out the 2019 B-to-B Dream Team! Learn what they discussed during the Experiential Marketing Summit Power Panel session and stay tuned all season long as we share their top insights and takeaways.

  • Karin Flores — VP, Corporate Marketing – Strategic Events, Salesforce
  • Emmanuel Gotsis — Director, Global Third Party Events, Microsoft
  • John Heiman — Director of Experiential Marketing, Sprint
  • Courtney Hutchison — Director, Experiential Marketing, Zillow Group
  • Nicola Kastner — Senior Director, Global Event Strategy & Interim Head of Global Events, SAP
  • Gretchen Nakamura — Partner Sponsorship Engagement Manager, Cisco
  • Ojas Rege — Chief Strategy Officer, MobileIron
  • Andrew Rossi — Business Lead, Google Events and Experiences, Google
  • Kelsey Schimmelman — Senior Event Producer, formerly with Github

The members of the B-to-B Dream Team are a rich source of perspectives on marketing who truly tap into the value of brand experience and what it brings to their organizations. This video features past Dream Team members sharing their viewpoint on why brand experience matters.

And Dream Teamers really know how to get things done — especially a strategy that serves as the backbone of a successful experience. This video highlights members of the Dream Team discussing the importance of strategic planning for some of the biggest brands in the world, including IBM, AOL, Dell, Twitter, and more.

But even deeper insights come to light when we're able to sit down with members and get their take on their careers, hear about their accomplishments, see their view of the future, and learn what makes them tick as marketers.

2018 B-to-B Dream Team

The 2018 Dream Team showcased some of the savviest brand marketing minds giving us their insights on why customers are the most important piece of the brand experience puzzle.

  • Laine Mann of Pfizer spoke with us about how her team is trying to better understand — and meet — the needs of customers by drilling down through in-depth interviewing and building new solutions.
  • In this video, Laine expands on the importance of putting the customer in the center of brand storytelling when creating successful experiences.
  • We had an in-depth discussion with Erin McElroy from IBM that centered around how IBM is using its innovative artificial intelligence technology to spark engagement at events.
  • Erin also shared insights in this video on the value of creating opportunities for consumers to witness and experience changing and evolving technology at live events.
  • Natalie Knopp from Kashi sat down with us for a conversation about storytelling and connecting face-to-face with an audience.
  • This video features Natalie discussing the brand’s “minimize to maximize” strategy to support organic farmers, its dedication to creating meaningful brand experiences for consumers, and how food can create positive change in the world.
2017 B-to-B Dream Team

The 2017 class of the Dream Team offered even more great insight into how these top marketers use brand experience as a vehicle for engagement, storytelling, brand building, and so much more.

  • B-to-B Dream Team Captain Helen Stoddard of Twitter shared her take on the brand experience industry, attracting the right audience, and measurement, maximizing budget, and more.
  • Helen further shares her perspective in this video on the secret ingredient to brand experience success: storytelling.
  • Jennifer Heaton from Adobe spoke about her career combining art and events to create brand experiences that get people buzzing, as well as why events are important to Adobe, and the simple, but effective, way she measures success.
  • Garett Carr of Ford Motor Company talked with us about his challenges, the importance of brand experience, and what grounds him as a marketer.
  • This video features Garett discussing the importance of choosing the right digital platform to tell the Ford brand story, including using AR and VR, as well as the strategy of how the brand scales the experience for a variety of shows and locations.
  • In this video, Charlie Eder of AOL talked with us about why AOL is showing up in unexpected places like Mobile World Congress, South by Southwest, and Cannes Lions… just to name a few.
  • Jane Culcheth Beard from HP shared how she’s helping people reinvent their lives as she helps the HP brand evolve to meet evolving consumer needs.
  • How does HP create brand experiences that are emotionally connected and relevant to audiences in different parts of the world? Jane shares her perspective in this video on why customer engagement should always be done at the local level, and how that leads to more authentic and meaningful experiences.
2016 B-to-B Dream Team

The inaugural 2016 Dream Team gave us lots of great insights on how they do the work and what they see for the future of brand experience.

  • Dream Team Captain Tania Weidick from Oracle shared with us some insights on personalization, experience, and the collaborative startup culture at Oracle.
  • Heather Henderson Thomas of Cisco explored her take on the brand experience industry, personalization, measurement, her dream job, and more.
  • Jonas Tornqvist from Sony Mobile gave us his thoughts on the brand experience in the tech industry, what success looks like for him, and the future of experiential marketing.
  • Kate Lechowicz (formerly of NetApp) chatted with us about why personalization will be key to future event success, how NetApp makes events special for its customers, and who inspires her creativity.
  • Greg Schneider from Dell shared his perspective on bringing the Dell brand to life at events, the changing nature of audiences, and where brand experiences are heading.
  • Colleen Bisconti of IBM revealed why data is the most important thing event marketers have at their disposal and how it helps better engage audiences in personal ways.
  • Shantel Gascoigne from Microsoft shared how she focuses on turning one of the brand’s flagship events into an opportunity not only to generate content for the entire year, but also to create deeply personalized experiences for engaging sophisticated audiences.
  • How is Dell driving cultural change for 138,000 team members around the world through brand experience? This video with Dream Teamer Greg Schneider shows how focusing on internal audiences lets you grow your brand while providing growth opportunities for your team.

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