Inside the Crystal Ball: Top Predictions for Corporate Brand Experiences in 2017

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Trends and ideas brand marketers should expect to see next year

Curious about what to expect for brand experiences in 2017? We asked a panel of our industry experts to weigh in on predictions for brand marketers in the coming twelve months. From music festivals to “less is more” social, and from digital marketing to creative collaboration — and even a World Series prediction — see what our team had to say. 

Anna Mader, Creative Director

To start, I think we are going to start to see corporate event logos that aren’t static but rather quite dynamic. We’re seeing a lot of animated GIFs and interesting elements make up an event logo — transforming it into something that has life and the ability to change, evolve, and be in motion. This is a departure from the typical rigid and static event logo. 

Also, I see a lot of brands looking to make their user conferences feel more like music festivals. Cool, fun elements like unique foodie experiences and craft cocktails will take over from the standard networking event. Finally, there will be more responsive environments. This goes beyond just customization to a place where, as an individual, you can affect the entire experience, too.

Peter Dominguez, Vice President, Strategy

I agree with Anna. More and more personalized experience will be popping up. This will take into account audience types and will be completely backed by data. Similarly, social media programs will become more pinpointed — truly, less is more.

Interestingly, I think we will see an increased role of the CIO in event planning as well as C-level innovation to help connect attendees with the vast physical areas of brand experiences with the larger marketing and business initiatives of the organization. 

Marc Pomerleau, Global Strategy Vice President

Creative collaboration for inspired outcomes will become the primary design principle. Brand experiences provide unparalleled opportunities to create an environment that leverages the best practices from science, technology, and the collective wisdom of diverse people. By keeping science, technology, the environment, and people top of mind as you design, you provide the setting and the spark for creative collaboration to manifest and originate in unexpected and magical ways. 

Jordan Waid, Vice President, Brand Experience EMEA

Brand experiences will become innovation incubators, essentially creating a proactive approach in new engagements for brands. We will also see more brands focused on doing good. People want to associate themselves with brands that see the value in making the world a better place. As a result, we will see an increase in values-led brands and event opportunities. And, the most epic event of all will be when the Royals beat the Cubs in the 2017 World Series! 

David Haas, Digital Solutions Director

We’ll see a lot of progress in digital marketing for brand experiences. Event websites will have a more app-like functionality, while email marketing will get smarter. Service providers will tap into artificial intelligence to create subject lines and other variables that effectively increase open and click-through rates. Also, as social listening tools get better, social registration will continue to become more and more effective. Finally, event-specific retargeting will have its moment to shine — which will enable us to increase ROI on ad spends, target lookalike lists, and help us do a better job registering prospective attendees who show an interest in a particular event.


What you need to know to stay ahead of the ever-changing experiential marketing curve.

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