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On the Pulse: New Trends Enter Trend Lab

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How these two trends can enhance your next brand experience

As steadfast trend spotters, we are committed to staying on the pulse of new ideas. That’s why we created the Freeman Trend Lab.

This dynamic tool was designed to mirror culture by capturing and distilling trends that shape the world and our industry. It’s a fluid incubator, so we keep it flowing with fresh ideas — at all times.

So, what’s new?

We’ve identified two rising trends and outlined ideas on how to incorporate them within your next brand experience.

Play for All

Adults just want to (and should!) have fun

Play isn’t just for kids. At any age, playtime builds connections, increases productivity, and maintains well-being. And it relieves stress! When experiences stimulate imagination through play, watch the learning (and delight!) engage attendees’ minds. All work and no play creates a dull experience, so bring on the fun!

Play for All in Action

Google understands the importance of play.

From the interactive Google Doodle to campuses packed with foosball tables, free snacks, and massages, there’s no shortage of fun from this digital dominator. But beyond the fun perks and cool doodles, Google encourages playful engagement and collaboration because they believe in cultivating a stronger, happier workforce.

Ready to play?

If you’re planning an event:

For organizers and planners, play up your networking spaces. How about a life-size tic-tac-toe board or sketch pad customized for your organization? Or a personalized search-and-find game imbedded in your show app? Our creatives put the fun in functional, so hit play for more ideas!

If you’re planning a booth:

Consider designing an area that offers pure amusement with no catch (unless it’s a ballgame!). Encourage attendees to playfully compete to learn more about your product or simply allow them an irreverent and carefree spot to chill.

Get Comfy with Hygge

Creating a sense of cozy contentment within your event space

The Danish phrase hygge encompasses simple pleasures, comfort, and warmth. But it’s more than fuzzy socks and scented candles. Hygge is the pursuit of meaning beyond the rush of daily life. Consider the respite hygge can offer digitally-saturated attendees. A welcoming, heartfelt approach ensures a meaningful experience. After all, a comfortable, content consumer is also a loyal one.

Get Comfy with Hygge in Action

From Spotify playlists and #letgo spa packages, to retailers and restaurateurs taking comfort to new cozy heights, the influence of hygge is widespread.

26 Grains in London has translated the Nordic aesthetic in its Neal’s Yard restaurant with a stunningly simple, modern, and warm atmosphere that includes wholesome menu selections, woodsy interiors, and welcoming benches to encourage ensemble dining and connection.

Ready to get cozy?

If you’re planning an event:

Set the hygge mood to personalize sterile venues. In networking spaces, provide plentiful (and plush!) seating. In all areas, offer attendees opportunities for meaningful moments. Design “fireside” roundtables with thought leaders and attendees to engage with one another. If your host city gets chilly, consider complementary fuzzy blankets and scarves.

If you’re planning a booth:

Whether you have a huge custom booth or a 10’ x 20’, you can deliver a warm and welcoming experience. Hygge is more than just the environment, so inject heart into messaging and presentation. When in doubt, offer free hot chocolate in winter or iced coffee when temps rise!

The great thing about trends is they keep on trending on! New ideas and innovations are constantly cropping up to track and learn about. Remember to keep the Trend Lab tool handy — for every experience there is a trend (or two) ready to play up (and warm) your event!

Need more creative ideas for incorporating these trends and more? Tap into our strategic and creative thinkers who can assess your current plans and identify ways to make your next event pop.

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