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Personalizing Healthcare Events: Unique Opportunities, Accessible Solutions

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Steve Coldiron
Steve Coldiron

Healthcare Strategy Director


Return to the human side of healthcare event marketing

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Personalized, hyper-targeted experiences are the new norm — and the impact for healthcare event marketers has the potential to be enormous.

In a world where patient privacy is paramount and brand messages are tightly regulated, creating individualized experiences that are delivered en masse to an entire audience of individuals can be a Herculean task.

But for those ready, willing, and able, a door is opening for healthcare marketers to return to the human side of the brand experience, where they can enjoy the creative freedom to create special, once-in-a-lifetime moments that transcend individual differences and bring audiences together in more memorable ways.

Fortunately, your organization may be closer to delivering these amazingly personalized experiences than you realize. You just need the right formula to move forward.

By mapping out your own personalized event marketing strategy, you can discover insights like:

  • How personalization drives value throughout your event ecosystem
  • Why developing buyer personas isn't enough, and what you can do to fill in the gap
  • The ways technology can not only enhance the experience but also allow participants to personalize it to their preferences

Put people at the center of your healthcare event marketing strategy, and you’ll be on your way to delivering the tightly focused, highly meaningful, and deeply measurable experiences that deliver a breath of fresh air to everyone involved. 

Get started by downloading our insights paper, The Next Big Opportunity: Mass Personalization and the Art of Brand Experience.

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