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Six Inspiring Quotes on Design from the Freeman Design Leadership Council

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Katherine Zimoulis
Katherine Zimoulis

VP, Content Marketing

Pushing the future of brand experience forward

On Wednesday night in New York City, we introduced the Freeman Design Leadership Council to the world. Hosted at Samsung 837, it was an inspiring night of conversation, ideas, and ingenuity.

The Design Leadership Council — created and selected by our chief design officer, Bruce Mau — will work together to push forward the future of design for the brand experience category. As Bruce said during the event, our goal is to “use design to make brand experiences the best contributions to the world that they can be.”

So to get you inspired for the designed future of our industry, here are six motivating quotes on design from the Design Leadership Council members:

It’s not a shift, it’s a leap — going from a hierarchical structure to a design thinking structure.

Itamar Kubovy

Executive Producer, Pilobolus

At the end of the day, we can all be creative. Creativity is simply imagination put to work.

Bruce Vaughn

Former Chief Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering

When we look at events as a platform, we have the opportunity to consider a new experience for live events: playing with creative technology, changing the dynamics of a live event. Shift the audience to participant.

Charles Adler

Co-founder, Kickstarter, Founder Lost Arts

Failing is an important part of succeeding. Through many failed iterations can we only arrive at success.

Peter McGrath

Freeman Design Leadership Council

With design, we are all teachers. The teacher and student roles are not written in stone. They move back and forth. And so we have the power to change the world one person at a time.

Robert Schmidle Jr.

United States Marine Corps (Ret.)

The fundamental truth behind design and collaboration is that you need to have tension and disruptions that will push you outside your comfort zone and across silos.

Alex McDowell

Creative Director, Experimental Design Director, World Building Institute, World Building Media Lab, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Design the invisible. What we experience in the moment reflects only a small part of what happens in your brain and in your mind.

Sergei Gepshtein

Scientist, Director for Adaptive Sensory Technologies, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Click here to learn more about the Freeman Design Leadership Council.

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