Taking the Bespoke Route with a Custom Stand

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Chris Smith
Chris Smith

Custom Build Director

Freeman EMEA

Why it’s essential to showcase your brand in a unique light

Events and exhibitions are an effective way for brands to strengthen ties with their existing customers, and provide a great opportunity for companies to build relationships with new clients. Also important are integrated campaigns that drive attendees to an event, or an individual company’s brand experience within said event — as well as post-event communications that ensure they remain top of mind. However, it’s often the live, face-to-face interactions that allow attendees to really understand a brand and become immersed in its world. 

Driving recognition

Custom-designed and built-exhibition stands invite brands to get the most out of this unique live environment. They allow for compelling experiences that engage and excite visitors, and tell a brand’s story in a unique and effective way. This is especially important in the modern world, where our smartphones or other devices are always close by. It makes it more difficult to not only attract, but maintain the attention of our most important audiences. Whether exhibiting at a consumer-facing or business-focused event, a company that opts for a bespoke-stand design and a high-quality build is much more likely to catch an attendee’s eye and prompt them to stop by. 

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Sharing the brand story

Encouraging a visitor to take notice of your brand is one thing, the ability to tell a company’s story in a meaningful and memorable way is another. Therein lies another benefit of a custom approach. By working with a passionate and trusted partner that knows the ins and outs of the industry, you’ll see your event brief come to life in the most creative of ways, with your event objectives and brand messaging at the very core. The stand design will be fabricated and built to the highest standard, and once the event opens, it will be managed right around the clock, from start to finish. 

Maintaining a consistent message

While a bespoke stand may initially cost more than other stand options or packages, they can be carefully dismantled at the end of a show and re-used in many different ways. You might wish to use the same design at an upcoming or multiple events on your calendar, and you can choose to update or tweak the design depending on the show. An experienced design team will not only be able to devise an initial, show-stopping creative concept, they can deliver various iterations of that design depending on the client’s requirements. This presents the perfect solution for companies that seek a different look and feel for their stand across several shows. 

With live experiences now on every brand’s radar and creativity a must in the event space, it’s clear that there are countless long-term benefits associated with opting for a bespoke stand. Not only are you able to express your brand values and connect with attendees in meaningful and memorable ways – you’ll ultimately drive business results in the long-term. 

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