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The Easy Way to a Flawless Conference Education Program

By Kris Kekuna

Why a presentation management system is the answer to your education production challenges

Orchestrating perfect presentations for a robust conference education program can be challenging. The planning can begin months in advance and requires constant communication with the speakers before, during, and even after the presentation. Gathering presentation materials, sending multiple personalized emails, and handling detailed disclosures are just a few items on the to-do list that might trigger a deep sigh.

Ditch the nerves and instead tap into the power of a presentation management system. Designed to keep your event organized every step of the way, accurately deploying a presentation management solution could be the make-or-break aspect of your conference!

Here are three things to look for in a presentation management solution to confidently execute an impeccable program.


Look for technology that allows you to create templates, send reminder emails, and gather presentation files well before the event. Provide the speakers with unique logins so they can download templates, upload files, and submit questions. Powerful presentation management will allow you to collect and sort through hundreds to thousands of files seamlessly and run reports to determine which speakers have uploaded their presentations and which ones may need a gentle reminder to submit!

With your presentations handled with ease, you can focus your attention on ways to increase audience engagement.


Of course, the key to success is a smooth delivery. Speakers favor a platform that allows them to make changes up until the very last minute, so you should choose a program that allows for flexibility. With the right solution, this process won’t be nerve-racking because it is built into the functionality.

The technology you select should allow speakers to fully run through their presentations on site. A strong user interface will also guarantee a quality presentation because presenters and organizers can easily communicate. Look for a user interface where the speaker can use the upcoming slides and notes as a guide throughout the presentation.

Consider using second screen technology to make your speaker presentations more engaging and to collect data on attendee preferences throughout the presentation. You can interact with questions, polls, and chat. The presenter will appreciate that you can share performance metrics in real time, which can make or break audience satisfaction.

Follow Up

The presentation management tool you choose should extend and amplify the message. Explore a program that allows you to easily communicate and share materials with speakers and the audience even after the session. When considering a presentation management solution, think about which tool will make the wrap up smarter and easier.

When partnered with second screen technology or mobile applications, you can share feedback from the presentation with the speaker after the event. Gathering data from your attendees will help your speaker and overall event improve the next time around. The presentation management system allows you to distribute the information in one place to limit the number of emails and other communication channels used after the event.

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