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The Exhibitor Journey: Optimizing the Exhibitor Experience

By Adam Jones, Adrienne Sergeant and Sunil Patel

Missed the first three parts of this series? Get caught up on everything you need to know about the exhibitor journey, what exhibitors need, the challenges they face, and the solutions you can tap into.

Every show organizer wants its exhibitors to be successful.

And the good news is that exhibitors often find great value in their trade show participation.

But the road to a successful exhibit can be a challenging one.

The minutiae of logistics often take precedence over strategic planning and big picture thinking. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Show organizers now have a suite of tools they can tap into to make the process much easier for exhibitors — leading to more successful outcomes and more ROI for all.

In the final article of this series, we offer an overview of how a show organizer might be able to tap into these solutions holistically. We also provide a checklist of questions to ask your team when considering the exhibitor journey.

Bringing it all together to optimize the exhibitor experience

Solutions like live floor plans, virtual sponsorship tours, and online exhibitor portals help exhibitors gain time, reduce effort, and save money, letting them focus these resources on what really matters. These tools also help exhibitors see where their money is going, so they can make better decisions and understand the ROI of their event investment.

While each tool is valuable on its own, the true impact becomes apparent when these tools are combined.

To truly optimize the event experience for exhibitors, show organizers should look for solutions that integrate well with each other to provide comprehensive solutions at every point along the exhibitor journey.

Here’s how it might look with the solutions offered by Freeman, for example:

  • An exhibitor views, selects, and purchases a booth location on Blueprint by Freeman™.
  • From there, they’re taken to FreemanOnline® where they can view and select booth furniture that fits the show guidelines. All other furniture options are removed, so exhibitors don’t have to waste time scrolling through pages of irrelevant choices. FreemanOnline® also allows them to order services such as labor, cleaning, and shipping.
  • Through this solution, exhibitors also have access to Envision Pro by Freeman™, where they can easily view, select, purchase, and manage sponsorship opportunities.
Questions to consider regarding the exhibitor journey
  • What do we know about the journey an exhibitor takes to participate in our show?
  • How can we better understand their business goals and objectives for exhibiting to help them see the value of their investment?
  • Can we help set clear expectations regarding booth size, location, and traffic? Sponsorship location and traffic?
  • Are we tapping into the right tools and solutions to make the exhibit experience as smooth and seamless as possible?

By offering a complete solution of cohesively integrated digital tools to exhibitors, event organizers can turn a rocky, uncertain exhibitor journey into one of ease and success. With less stress and higher ROI, exhibitors will be more likely to return to events year after year, creating a win-win for everyone involved.

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