The Four Ps of the Future: Profit, People, Planet, Purpose

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An overview of the global influences impacting brand experience

Our world is changing faster than ever before — cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and ideas impact our lives on a daily basis, and those changes have an even bigger impact on the brand experience industry. Meeting our audiences’ constantly growing needs and wants means we have to not just manage change in the short term, but develop a long-term view of brewing trends that will influence our lives and industry over the next five to ten years.

Having a future focus helps to predict how things will change in the coming years, as well as how it will affect our business. These four categories of macro trends will be the ones to watch, both for the challenges they will present and the opportunities they will create to continually transform brand experience.

Below, please find an executive summary of the macro trends that we feel will shape our industry — and the world. Dig in deeper by downloading our insights paper: Tomorrow, Today: The Future of Brand Experience


In the future, long-term business success will no longer be measured solely by traditional financial metrics. The macro trends that will drive profit in the future include:

  • Glocalization: Applying a global idea in a local context means brands can ensure a balance of continuity and customization with the messages they communicate.
  • New Models: Thanks to international production and trade, demographic change, and technological advances, “business as usual” is being turned on its head.


Everything an organization does starts and ends with people. But technology is continually changing the game of business — and what it means to be human. The macro trends that will drive people in the future include:

  • Digital Transformation: A new paradigm of digital engagement is coming — beyond what we can imagine today. To stay ahead, organizations must take advantage of cloud efficiency while mindfully addressing privacy and trust issues.
  • Global Citizens: By untying talent from a physical location, businesses can match the person to the task rather than location or hierarchy and enrich their brands and diversify internal communities in the process. 


When organizations prioritize the health of the planet, everyone benefits. Tapping into people’s inherent creativity and focusing on long-term solutions will increase the likelihood of success and protect the planet we call home. The macro trends that will drive planet in the future include:

  • Everybody is a Creative: The planet is a studio of billions of artists, creators, and inventors experimenting with, testing, and producing the next masterpiece — even interacting with and influencing brands in real time.
  • Betterness: Organizations that adopt a long-term vision, foster a people-focused culture, and encourage positive choices enable long-lasting prosperity beneficial to stakeholders, society, and the planet.


In the future, companies and organizations must answer to a higher calling. Putting their purposes squarely in the center of everything they do results in better economic opportunities for everyone. The macro trends that will drive purpose in the future include:

  • Intelligent Reduction: Because of life’s increasing complexity, people are stretching beyond their cognitive capabilities. As a result, organizations will seek to become more values-driven and integrate well-being across their portfolios of solutions.
  • Economics for Humans: Our economic measure of a successful, thriving society is beginning to encompass our ideals of lasting happiness and meaningful, fulfilling lives.

The world is a dynamic, ever-changing ecosystem. Be sure to keep your gaze firmly focused on the future. 

Download our insights paper: Tomorrow, Today: The Future of Brand Experience.


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