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The Mobile Web is Back at Events

By Wilson Tang


  • Your mobile browser can simplify event planning
  • Enhance attendee experiences using the mobile web

What’s ahead for event technology in the next year? This third installment in a five-part series takes a deep dive on what we see becoming important for event professionals to consider in 2019. Missed parts one and two? Find out how data is growing up and why artificial intelligence is changing everything.

The mobile web has been reinvented.

What was once a less-powerful alternative to native apps is now the tool of choice for many events, managing everything from organization and planning to content delivery, communication, and follow-up.

Increasingly, attendees are turning to mobile, responsive event websites rather than downloading native apps that they will likely abandon after the event. For many users, the common denominator among smart mobile devices, no matter the manufacturer or operating system, is the mobile web browser, which makes it a lot easier for organizers to take advantage of the power of the mobile web.

Are you ready to find out just what your mobile browser can do at your next event? We’ve got our finger on the pulse of six mobile web trends that are making a big impact in the next year:

Trend #1: Mobile web apps

The days of required native apps for everything are diminishing — with mobile web technology practically on par with the capabilities of native mobile applications, it provides a more convenient experience for attendees. They no longer have to download an app that will only clutter their phone screen once an event is over.

Plus, mobile web apps (or just mobile responsive websites) require less development than an app that works across various operating systems. For many event organizers, maintaining and updating content across just a single channel like the website delivers better ROI.

Trend #2: Floor planning

Organizers can now work with and design 3D floor plans via the mobile web, no special software required. Designing the show floor can be done dynamically and practically, making it easier for organizers to more easily sell space, plan intuitively, and even interface with attendees.

Moreover, by taking advantage of cloud-based applications, event organizers can have multiple users collaboratively editing and managing their show floors, prevent bottlenecks, and missed updates.

Trend #3: Venue search

Looking for a unique spot for your next event? Finding a great venue is now just as easy as finding a new restaurant in your neighborhood thanks to the mobile web.

To keep up with the competitive demand of the modern event industry, more and more venues are taking advantage of search platforms to make their spaces more visible and discoverable for organizers.

Trend #4: Sponsorship management

Utilizing mobile to manage sponsorships is the next big thing, allowing event sponsorship sales teams to sell sponsorships at scale, even on a global level.

Even digital marketing campaigns can be run via automated, mobile-friendly marketing and sales web apps. These let organizers reduce costs for sponsorship sales and management while also expanding their reach.

Trend #5: Second screen

For organizers looking to engage more deeply with attendees, set your sites on second screen. This handy tech is fast becoming the go-to channel to truly engage your event’s community and audience.

Beyond Twitter and Instagram, second screen apps are using the mobile web to connect to users through live polling, chats, and screen synchronization. For event organizers, this digital connection allows them to gain great insight through real-time interactions that also create a great data source to utilize on show site and beyond.

Trend #6: Crowdsourcing

Organizers can harness the power of the mobile web to, well, organize their events. Events are increasingly turning to their own attendees to help plan by asking them for feedback on sessions, speakers, content, and networking opportunities.

Polls, surveys, forums, and direct feedback are great options that organizers can utilize to hear more from attendees before and after a show. This real-time feedback allows organizers to pivot during the event to make sure it's meeting attendee needs, and gives attendees the feeling that they are “owning the event.”

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