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Alison Jenks
Alison Jenks

SVP, Marketing


Why marketers should turn to experience

Brand experiences continue gaining popularity as organizations recognize the need for a personal engagement with their most important audiences. It’s all about creating an authentic, meaningful connection, and providing audiences the unique and memorable interactions that will enrich their lives.

Just like all forms of marketing, the channel is evolving rapidly. As marketers continue to focus on brand experience, the expectations for more personalized experiences and provable ROI grow with it.

Event marketers are constantly improving alignment of event and business strategy, optimizing event portfolios and spend, and capturing behavioral data that uncovers the whole story of ROI. As a result, the channel continues to refine the metrics into results that even a CFO can understand.

That’s why, to celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day 2016, we’ve assembled a package of event marketing research and statistics that show experience isn’t just a great investment, but a continuing shift of focus for the marketing industry, necessary to meet the needs of its audiences. It proves out how experience drives sales, amplifies brands, builds relationships, and creates authenticity.

These curated stats also illustrate how experience marketing is a future-proof strategy for brands. Given the ever-increasing share of spend that Millennials enjoy, and their growing desire for experiences, not things — 78% would rather purchase experiences than material goods — marketers are taking notice. After all, 94% of Millennials are more likely to make a purchase based on a great experience at an event.

Download the curated Value of Brand Experience stat pack and feel free to use it in your own presentations and conversations. We’ll keep updating the stats, so if you have a great metric to add to the mix, let us know! Tweet us at @FreemanCo (don’t forget to use the hashtag #GMID16), or drop us an email.

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