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Tips to Amplify Your Event with Post-Conference Participation

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Bill Mott
Bill Mott

Director, Online Event Solutions


Evergreen your brand experience with targeted content and digital solutions

The last of the attendees have gone home and it’s safe to say that your event was a success! You’ve captured valuable content from your general sessions and breakouts, and it is uploaded and secure in a trusted distribution platform. And the show must go on, as they say, and it should go on successfully with the right post-event participation strategy.

It’s not enough to simply make this content available. In order to maximize your effort and truly amplify the event, tap into these best practices to deliver your content with the right strategy, medium, and context.

To charge or not to charge

Should you charge for post-event content? Ultimately, that depends on the goals and budgets of your organization, and researching this beforehand through audience feedback is crucial. Younger audiences accustomed to the democratization of the internet may resist a paywall, while more mature audiences might hold fewer reservations. Some solutions include offering free content to attendees while charging individuals who missed the event, or creating subscription levels for different audiences with different economic situations.

Regardless, make sure you have a virtual event provider that can manage and deploy content seamlessly, whether it’s behind a secure paywall or embedded within your organization’s infrastructure. In the era of Amazon 1-Click and Google-stored credit cards, all audiences today expect ease of access and minimum hassle. In the end, what you are truly building is your brand’s library or knowledge center, so keep in mind this is a long but fruitful game.

Lastly, don’t forget to target on-site attendees when selling on-demand content. When attendees attend a large conference with concurrent breakout rooms, they can only physically be in one room at a time and they miss a large portion of the show. Try adding a “platinum” level of on-site registration for a few dollars more, providing not only a ticket to walk into the venue but access to all the on-demand recordings.  

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Repurpose with purpose

You can leverage any content in “bite sizes” to strategically promote both your event and organization. For instance, produce shorter videos or audio of sessions — and promote them on social media, video channels like YouTube or Vimeo, blog posts, or podcasts. Give your content some cross-pollinating mileage by creating articles from recorded sessions or quote-memes from speaker presentations. Offer promotions that give away useful content as a value add to products or services. If your event incorporated second screen technology, send emails to your audiences afterward with survey results, slide decks, or content appetizers like highlights or breakout quotes.

A popular tactic is to “relive” webinars and sessions by rebroadcasting them at certain times with a speaker present who can answer questions online and in real-time. What matters is that you make a past event work for your marketing today and tomorrow. In the digital revolution, the “one and done” deal is a thing of the past.

Don’t forget your sponsors

Sponsors can easily be woven back into content with the right approach. This certainly includes placed banners or promotions on videos, webinars, or your content platform itself. You can allow selected sponsors to provide free access to event content for attendees that visit your booth, or let them be visibly involved in repurposed webinars with audio visual offers or exclusive insights on the event. The key is that you continue to partner with your sponsors and let your content help them help your organization.

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Make the post-event an event in itself

Of course, you should be sharing valuable content with your audiences, but what about making it a course or an achievement? To assess attendee knowledge or content effectiveness, develop evaluations, tests, certificates, or continuing education credits to evaluate learners. Perhaps provide discounts or exclusive promotions to your next event as an achievement reward.

Creating a certification program is an excellent way to enable brand engagement and loyalty!

Just be nice, transparent, and available!

It’s a marketing given, but often overlooked. With today’s event marketing technology, it’s effortless to send out “thank you” messages as well as event/booth statistics or debriefs — complete with a link to access your online content repository. By using surveys coupled with bonuses like a discounted coupon to your e-commerce page, for example, you can make your event content generate more valuable data for your organization while keeping audiences engaged. In an era of highly educated yet skeptical audiences, the more you show your cards, the more they’ll show you their (credit) cards.

And definitely partner with an online event provider that puts all of its cards on the table! Your goals should match their digital features, so you can match your event content to the needs of your attendees (or non-attendees who missed your event, for that matter). At its core, good marketing is good storytelling, and the story can continue from the end of one event to the start of another, all with a killer year-round engagement strategy.

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