Varied Perspectives, Collaboration, and Transformation: The Freeman Design Leadership Council

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A different way of thinking to create great new experiences

In a world where people increasingly spend time behind screens, the live brand experience doesn’t become less important — It actually becomes more important. There is no medium more powerful than face-to-face engagement. 

As such, we’ve created the Freeman Design Leadership Council to generate new opportunities for our clients. We want to help usher in the next generation of the brand experience category, creating a new context in which brands can offer consumers and clients the kinds of experiences that will greatly deepen their relationships.

To achieve this, we brought together people from varied perspectives. Only by doing that can we tackle the great opportunities we have as an industry. The Design Council is an example of post-disciplinary collaboration, with each member coming from radically different fields. We believe that every engagement is a design engagement, and — with the help of the Design Council and our design thinking methodology — we will continue to examine how we can bring brands to life in ways we haven’t previously considered.

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What you need to know to stay ahead of the ever-changing experiential marketing curve.

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