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VidCon: A Massive Meetup for Online Video Lovers

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Macaila Schlaff
Macaila Schlaff

Associate Marketing Manager

Freeman XP

An insider’s guide to creating an event for passionate audiences

As a millennial marketer, I thought I was in with the cool kids and knew what to expect from VidCon — fans and YouTube celebs coming to meet one another and share ideas. But the experience at VidCon was so much more than that!

The largest gathering of the online video community, this four-day conference brings creators, community members, and industry partners together for a wildly diverse experience with panels, Q&As, meet and greets, and constant activity. Every single person at VidCon has an energy and passion that made me want to join this tight-knit and welcoming group. I was overwhelmed by the entire experience, learned a lot about the online video community, and was inspired to start my own online video channel.

This event is for the young and old, the tech-savvy, and those that need a little help, and you’d fit in whether you have seen one or one million online videos. If you’re are planning an event with a VidCon-like audience — passionate, and mostly Millennials and Gen Z — here are some must-know tips. 

Do your research, because they do

The internet is a source of endless content, and this group searches it all before attending an event. Online video has a channel for every subject. Whether it’s gaming, beauty, lifestyle, pranks, interior design, music, or anything else — VidCon has a session, speaker, or creator for you to see. Make sure that the content at your event is what your audience craves. Explore what’s already out there and maybe tap into a YouTube creator to speak at your event! 

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Be yourself

Unlike other events, you don’t need a suit (business events) or costume (fan events) to fit in at VidCon. This community celebrates individuality and accepts everyone. The one thing they all have in common is a love for online video. Even if you’re new to online video, they’re happy to tell you about their favorites and help you find your passion. Find the one thing your audience has in common, and provide a platform for that community to grow and share.  

Stay fully charged and connected

Every second of VidCon is shareable, and everyone is walking around with their cameras and phones recording. The booths, lounges, and activities are designed for insta-worthy pics and interactives that are perfect to share on attendees’ SnapChat story. Create FOMO for their followers and design an experience that they want to share. Make sure that attendees’ phones don’t die during that shareable moment by including plenty of charging stations and make it easy to stay connected. P.S. Wi-Fi is a must.

Get inspired

Creators and community members use this event to inspire new ideas for their content, collaborate on new online video projects, and share their experience for followers/subscribers that couldn’t be there. Their approach to content creation and sharing is unique and extremely collaborative because it is authentic, in the moment, and specific to their interests. They know exactly who their audience is and can converse with them through comments to gather feedback and modify their channel. Ask your attendees what they want, get to know them, and be inspired by them to make your event something special and personalized.

Take a lap (or two!)

The show floor at VidCon is a giant playground. Attendees need to walk through it more than once to tackle it all. From when it opens at 8 a.m. to close at 6 p.m., the floor is buzzing nonstop with concerts, live video streaming, panels, free swag, interactive activities, and photo opps. Develop unique sponsorships for exhibitors and give them insights on the attendees so their booths are can’t miss and social-media-shareable. Make your attendees never want to leave the show floor because it is too much fun!

Make new friends

Even the most socially shy come to VidCon and feel at home. Creators and community members come to validate the relationships they’ve built online and provide a real face to their name. Everyone wants to converse, share, and geek out with one another. There’s no shame in being passionate. It’s refreshing to see the younger demographic be exactly who they want to be — and there’s no judgment because they’re surrounded by a supportive community. Ensure that everyone from exhibitors and speakers to attendees and marketers are passionate about the event so that they are adding to the community vibe…and the likes, retweets, and snaps of their feeds!   

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