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What a Design Thinking Approach Means to PlayStation

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The video game specialists play in the live event space, too

Adam Merrett, European PR Manager at Sony PlayStation was among the guests at FreemanXP in EMEA’s recent Design the Future event, where Bruce Mau, Chief Design Officer at Freeman discussed the company’s design thinking approach and looked at some of the ways it can be applied to create top notch brand experiences.

We had a quick catch-up with Adam post-Bruce’s talk, to find out how design thinking is being incorporated into PlayStation’s marketing and brand experience strategy.

Here's what he had to say:

How does PlayStation embrace design thinking to engage with millennials?

AM: A design thinking approach is really important to PlayStation — we take our brand very, very seriously, particularly as our market is so competitive.

It’s vital for us to stand out, as we have quite a broad target audience. Some of the more traditional ways of thinking around events, for example, just don’t cut it when we’re trying to reach younger consumers. It’s quite a big deal for them to come to our live events, so we need to make their experience worthwhile, and some of the design thinking principles helps us to make this a reality. 

How do you vary your event strategy?

AM: PlayStation has quite a few different levels of events. Trade shows are incredibly important to us, we create and host our own experiential events such as the PSX: PlayStation Experience, which our team in the U.S. hosts each year working alongside Freeman as the production partner.

Design thinking is key at events like this because we are delivering our own curated experiences to consumers — the platform enables us to connect with them through various touch points throughout the event, whether it be through influencers or different media platforms.

What are some ways you are able to extend the event experience with content?

AM: Content is key at PlayStation. We need to provide consumers with engaging content to encourage them to step away from their home set-up and attend our events, and we also need to provide interesting and relevant content at the events themselves.

Young people are very active on devices like tablets and social platforms like YouTube, so we look at creating content in that style pre-, during, and post-event. We’re lucky at PlayStation that we have a lot of great content on hand — so there is a lot we can share with our target audiences to keep the conversation ongoing with them all year round.

Catch up on what happened at the exclusive event via our wrap-up video

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