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What Exhibitors Can Expect in 2019: Our Predictions

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The landscape for exhibitors in the next year

Thanks to the rapid pace of innovations in the event industry, exhibitors are inundated with new trends, event technologies, and digital solutions.

With today’s wealth of information, ideas, and technology, exhibitors have the tools to not just attract attendees, but also to truly engage them. So, what will tomorrow bring? And, what are the best ways to go about taking advantage of these new advancements?

We tapped into the knowledge of our exhibit booth experts to hear what they think exhibitors should prepare for in 2019.

Be sure to read all the way to the end, where you'll be able to cast your vote for the exhibit booth trend most likely to take off next year!

Personalization gets more personal

  • Honing the attendee focus

Rick Buffkin, Director, Business Development

Exhibitors are starting to — and should be — putting much more emphasis on personalizing the overall experience for their target audience and focusing on what exhibitors can do for them. The question that they should be asking themselves is, what do we need to do to better to affect and influence the specific target audience we are trying to reach at this show? It seems like a simple thought, but it really is a change in mindset and strategy for each show.

  • Shifting to the individual

Nesana Wieger, Corporate Director, Exhibitor Services

Over the last year, the focus has and will continue to be on personalizing experiences. However, a shift is being created where personalization can either focus on a persona or on an individual. Exhibitors will be looking at their official contractors and vendors to understand how to personalize to their industry and company so that it will enable them to personalize experiences to each individual attendee. This means finding new ways to deliver extremely personal experiences that you didn’t even know you needed.

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Connecting to your millennial market

  • Catching eyes with event technology

Martha Barnard, Manager, Marketing

Attention-grabbing graphics have always been important, but as more and more millennials become decision makers, this becomes an even higher priority. With shorter attention spans, incorporating LED walls with changing messaging and unique lighting into exhibit designs will continue to grow in importance.

  • Starting meaningful conversations

Martha Barnard, Manager, Marketing

There is also a growing need to connect with millennials in a meaningful way through content prior to the show. Starting the conversation earlier through online tools will help bridge the gap to face-to-face conversations at the show and continue the connection after the show is over.

Getting a return on technology

  • Putting a new face on success

Lance Wachholz, Senior VP, Product Solutions

I believe we will see technology dramatically changing the way exhibitors determine the success of their events. I feel RFID and face recognition technology will become more prevalent in our realm and it will be used to help measure ROO (Return on Objectives). I can envision this software helping exhibitors ensure their VIPs are being handled properly and providing better tools to measure and report brand awareness at events.

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