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What Makes Top B-to-B Marketers Successful?

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The new Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team weighs in

In the past, consumer marketing has been the belle of the ball when it comes to creative campaigns and brand experience — often gaining the lion’s share admiration and accolades.

But don’t be mistaken! B-to-B marketers are increasingly giving consumer marketers a run for their money as they focus on creating highly targeted, high touch, rich community connections that drive business goals. 

We asked Event Marketer to help us shine the light on some of the most innovative B-to-B marketers and teams driving results and engagement through events and brand experience. The Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team Powered by FreemanXP is a peer-nominated accolade that features just a few of the many experts who are pushing the boundaries of creativity, digital integration, audience insight, and engagement.

The 2018 B-to-B Dream Team is a mix of forward-thinking leaders in a variety of fields who are advancing their brands, and the brand experience industry, with incredible work that shows just how high the bar is when it comes to engaging and effective brand experiences.

Natalie Knopp of Kashi is at the forefront of this, explaining that the brand “wanted to break through, to flip the script, to not do what every other brand is tired of doing.” After all, “with so much information out there, you have to be dynamic, you have to give a good experience, you have to give your customers a reason to stay with you and come back,” says IBM’s Erin McElroy.

These marketers understand that brand experience is the best way to stay close and connect to their audiences. Rachel Thornton of Amazon Web Services advises to “Make sure you’re building a robust community, that you’re checking in with them, that you’re engaged with them, and then asking, how does taking that feedback from your customers really change the way you’re presenting learning opportunities.”

The B-to-B Dream Team is a group of high-achievers who aren’t afraid to try new things. They are inspired to drive business results by getting to know their audiences, listening, and delivering unique, engaging experiences. Just ask AT&T’s Trevór Laurence, who explains that “analytics and insights will be king as companies seek to understand the customer journey, create content and enhance experiences.” Julie Hogan of Facebook agrees, sharing that attendees are “going to an event to create community and highlight the ways we can drive business results.”

What do they all have in common? A results-driven focus that puts people first. 

After all, B-to-B customers ARE people; individuals who like to learn, meet, connect and get involved. They are often mobile-first, but also captivated by a great story and a smart journey. 

These marketers are building both community and engagement that creates change. According to Amanda Matuk of Google, “we’re always talking to and building for people… it will be less about conferences and more about connection.”  Pfizer’s Laine Mann agrees, explaining, “rather than predict what {attendees} want or expect, I’d rather spend time empathizing and talking with them… {so} we can build an amazing experience together.”

After all, “the B-to-B attendee is broader and more consumer-like than in the past,” says Jessica Park of Spotify. So get ready to share the spotlight, consumer marketers — the 2018 B-to-B Dream Team is a force to be reckoned with!

Check out the full 2018 Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team feature to read their tips and inspiration.

The 2018 B-to-B Dream Team will take the stage at the Experiential Marketing Summit in San Francisco to share their best advice on how to build a winning experience, measure success, and share where they think the future of marketing is going.

Bravo, 2018 B-to-B Dream Team!

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