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What to Look for in an Exhibitor Support Network

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Faye Goldstraw
Faye Goldstraw

Corporate Account Manager

Freeman EMEA

The behind-the-scenes function that is paramount to exhibitors’ success

The brands that choose to invest in large-scale, custom exhibition stands do so because they understand the value of engaging with their customers face-to-face. 

While exhibitors will always play in a range of different sectors, they share a common goal — and that’s providing visitors with the chance to experience their brand in a unique and memorable way. They want to invite guests into their brand world, so that they can get under its skin and explore its products, services, values, and purpose. 

The key to ensuring these experiences go off without a hitch? 

It’s the support team who exist behind the scenes, at the ready to identify issues before they materialise (not just pre-event, but on-site too!), and respond to the client’s needs promptly, whatever they may be. 

A tale of multiple teams, all working towards a shared goal

While the team involved in designing, building, and managing a custom exhibition stand will span countless departments — from the creatives who provide the unique design concepts to the project managers who ensure the stand is built to highest standard — it’s important that the client has one key point of contact. 

This will avoid unnecessary stress or confusion, as they will always know who to touch base with regardless of the nature of their request. 

This individual will develop a close working relationship with the client and become an established part of the team. They’ll meet with the team pre-event to really understand their goals and add value wherever possible, and will be on call at show-site. Finally, they’ll also debrief on the experience and discuss any potential improvements for next time. 

Consistency is the key to building these strong partnerships and ultimately ensuring exhibitors’ success in the long-term.    

It’s the little things that make a whole

An effective and reliable support team will look at the bigger picture and consider all of the tasks that need to be completed to ensure the seamless delivery of an exhibitor’s stand. 

They will manage everything — with the ultimate aim of eliminating any stress on behalf of the client — from booking stand space, travel, and accommodations to managing the exhibitor’s entire show schedule, ensuring the stand is not only built in time, but is cleared of debris and has a slick, professional feel about it. 

When everyone gets to show site, they will be prepped and ready to provide assistance wherever and whenever it is needed. This may mean touching base with the on-site graphics team to request some last-minute, additional signage for the stand, or it could involve contacting the catering department to request more supplies for post-show networking drinks. 

Exhibiting at a series of events? No problem, the same person will travel with the client to provide the same level of support across multiple locations and venues.

Exhibiting at an event offers many perks. It presents various opportunities for brands to establish new connections and strengthen existing relationships, however this will only be possible if you’ve got an engaging space which attracts visitors to your stand in the first place. An essential piece of this puzzle is around the clock management and support that ensures guests experience your brand in the best possible way.

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