What We Are Most Excited About for San Francisco Design Week

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April Walsh
April Walsh

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Four things designers can look forward to in the Bay Area

San Francisco Design Week is almost here, and we can’t wait. Produced by The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) San Francisco, a professional association for design, SF Design Week will take place throughout the entire Bay Area with sessions in Silicon Valley and San Francisco highlighting this beautiful hub of tech and design.

This year there will be more than 60 studio tours and 200 events featuring entrepreneurs, designers, industry thought leaders, and big brands. We look forward to this event as an opportunity to learn from the best and apply what we see, hear, touch, and taste to our design formula moving forward. Here are just a few of the things to experience this year at SF Design Week. 

Culture is the Talk of the Town

Culture is more than a buzzword or marketing speak. It impacts management, process, talent attraction and retention, productivity, communication, reputation, and the bottom line. Culture is an important topic that should not be skimmed over. At SF Design Week, there will be a variety of sessions that explore the topic of culture, including building your space, leading your team, and creating office rituals. We will learn about crafting a creative culture from a variety of perspectives from our team including Peter McGrath, new Freeman Design Council member Andy Cunningham, and an art student, Malin Seijboldt.  

Design Deets from Big Brands

Have you ever wondered how they do it? Or how they even got there? The theme for SF Design Week is “question everything,” and Uber invites you to do just that. After going through a massive rebrand just last year, you can probably still pick out their icon. Love it or hate it, you know the name and you’ve probably taken a ride with them at least once. But why? You’ll hear from the minds that drove Uber to success in the city where it all began.

Google also invites you into their office for an evening of talks with their designers that will include problem solving and their creative process. Here is your chance to hear directly from the company that helps you solve problems daily with its handy search bar — and so much more.

Looking for new friends? Facebook’s goal is to create more open and connected communities. In the spirit of sharing and tracking relationships, one of their mobile product designers will speak to how to measure social impact through experience. 

Get Your Hands Dirty

SF Design Week means access to some pretty incredible workshops that you wouldn’t have the chance to experience anywhere else. Autodesk is offering a behind-the-scenes tour where you will interact with the latest design equipment and 3D-printing tools. You will be able to see an idea turned into an actual fabrication build and jump in to participate along the way. Other notable sessions include letterpress and book binding, and story boarding. Roll up your sleeves and get to it! 

Design Meets Digital

There are over 25 sessions that fall into the design and technology discipline, the most of any track for SF Design Week. No surprise there. Art and technology are transforming our environment, the definition of cool, virtual experiences, and live events, just to name a few. As we continue to evolve as a more design-focused and tech-savvy world, it’s important to keep up.

Can’t wait to jump in? Roll up your sleeves and dig into our design digest with insights from some of our Bay Area-based creatives and designers around the world:

Furthermore, we’ve been chatting with influencers both within and outside our industry for their perspectives on design thinking. Don’t miss Q&As with:


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