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Jessica Fritsche
Jessica Fritsche

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An exploration of event tech's big brand experience impact from Las Vegas to London

Event tech is having global boom this month, with events all over the world focusing on the incredible opportunities technology affords to create unique, personalized experiences that connect brands with their audiences.

Tech is taking us places we’ve never been before, and our international teams have been on hand to witness it all, from EventTech in Las Vegas to Event Tech Live in London, and even our own Digital Day in Washington, D.C. Here are a few of the great things our teams saw:

Next-level experiences with interactive tech

Interactive tech rules in the experience space, whether it’s a tiny drone getting a bird’s-eye view, an LED wall creating art from movement, tweet-for-treat vending machines, or a walking, talking robot mingling with the crowd. Sure, it’s flashy, but interactive technology captures the attention and imagination of the crowd and opens the door for event marketers to think differently when it comes to strategy and execution. (Plus, who doesn’t love a robot?!)

Augmented and virtual realities continue to be a big hit, merging the virtual and real worlds together and allowing for the creation of an experience that can transcend a booth or event space. Inspiration was everywhere, and people are buzzing about where the industry is heading, especially things like virtual reality making an already cool 360-degree video experience into a fully immersive, interactive engagement.

Tech makes connection and personalization more possible

Whether it’s making meetings happen across miles, gamifying basic tasks, or creating a multisensory mega-experience, event tech has blown open the ability to connect directly with attendees and create events that are tailored to them even on an individual level.

Powerful event apps, facial and gesture recognition, in-the-moment custom creation, ever-changing event environments… the possibilities are endless and exciting. Not only does personalization through tech create the best experience possible for attendees, it can be an important differentiator to keep brand experiences relevant and competitive — meeting those high attendee expectations head-on.

Digital and data are the keys to the kingdom

Of course, one of the biggest questions that comes after admiring event tech is, “What’s the ROI?” That’s different in every application — after all, ROI should call to the specific business and event goals of an organization, not hinge on a single piece of cool technology — but one thing is clear: Digital marketing and engagement, and the data that comes from them, are the linchpins of audience insights and understanding.

Social media continues to be one of the main ways to connect with attendees before, during, and after an event, and can be a way that people “organize themselves around affinity,” according to one speaker at EventTech. That social capital is powerful stuff for eventprofs to tap into. But tech and its digital components, from beacons to apps to the back-end engagement data of each experience, are also rich sources of data that can help inform strategy and prove value.

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