4 Industry Trends Freeman Showcased at IMEX

IMEX, the largest trade show for the business events industry, gave our teams a chance to showcase how to implement current trends and new solutions when working with a smaller space and budget.

See how our team incorporated four of the latest trends to connect with attendees and design memorable experiences.

1. LED shaped the booth experience

There were plenty of big screens vying for attention across the expo. So, our team went beyond flat panels and incorporated a curved LED wall as an eye-catching focal point that hooked attendees passing by.

Staying ahead of the curve, standard content clips were replaced with anamorphic videos that played off the curvature of the large LED screen. This created a three-dimensional effect, and the videos appeared even larger than the actual screen size — leading to a richer, more exciting, immersive experience.

2. The booth design made a big impact with limited space

Smaller space? That doesn’t mean visitors have to be boxed in to limited experiences.

At IMEX, our team demonstrated how to make the most of a smaller space by incorporating an oversized, curved LED wall, which measured over 14 feet high and 10 feet wide in a 20’ x 30’ booth. This made it possible for visitors to step into a completely new and mesmerizing event experience.

In addition, a QR code tour was added to encourage attendee interaction and share content.

Planning for a bigger space? A well-thought-out, streamlined experience, helps attendees create memorable moments instead of being overwhelmed by too much content.

3. Modular solutions flexed sustainability

Modular, reusable pieces and flexible rental structures were brought together to create meeting spaces, plus a unique, custom look and feel.

Bonus: These booth elements can be stored and repurposed at future shows, making them more sustainable solutions.

Additional sustainable benefits and elements included:

  • Reduced solid waste with reusable, recycled aluminum structures
  • Significantly reduced shipping weight (for fewer carbon emissions)
  • Incorporating recycled wood into the booth design
  • Using sustainable adhesive laminates instead of staining
  • Energy Star rated Freeman AV equipment

4. Attendee reactions were captured and measured

Zenus behavior mapping technology was implemented to capture attendee sentiment, which is then turned into objective data showing engagement, dwell time, and movement.

Results showed that engagement was 27.5% higher than average in-booth engagements and the video wall stop rate (indicating where attendees stopped to pay attention) was 17% above industry standard.

When it comes to showcasing your brand, having a memorable booth experience is essential. That doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at creating experiential booth designs, but it helps to have an event partner who is.

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