Best Practices

5 tips for using a chatbot in your exhibit booth

Take your exhibit interactivity to the next level using these tips

What You’ll Learn

Sometimes, you want to talk to a real, live human — no question about it. 

But when you’re exhibiting, chatbot solutions can be game-changing for things like sharing key product messages and exchanging information. These artificial intelligence solutions help engage attendees, who can easily ask the bot questions about products, solutions, and more. 

By providing a more interactive form of attendee engagement, chatbots can seamlessly help exhibitors accomplish their goals, from driving leads to building brand buzz, and improving the exhibit experience overall.  

If you’re looking for trade show booth ideas that will leave attendees speechless, chatbots may be the answer. This innovative solution can take your booth to the next level, but how can you get started? 

We’ve been around the chatbot block a few times, so this collection of five essential tips can help you achieve a successful trade show exhibit activation…one people won’t stop talking about! 

Get started with the gift of gab — download your chatbot tips now!

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