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Grow trade show attendance and revenue with optimized data

What you will learn↑

  • The stages of event data utilization
  • How you can apply key insights to event strategies
  • Grow attendance to increase event profits

Growing an event is essential to an association's bottom line. Event profits are a key factor in total revenues, and shows are critical in helping to further an association's mission and vision.

But 61 percent of show managers say that their number one challenge is growing event attendance. So what can organizations do to boost the bottom line, attract more attendees, and improve event strategies?

Data holds the key. Show managers can mine event data for insights into attendee wants and needs, which strategies are resonating, and which tactics are falling flat, all in the name of moving the needle on event growth.

And guess what? Almost every organization already has this accessible data — it's just waiting to be put to good use.

Download our insights paper to learn more about the stages of event data utilization and how associations can take their strategies to the next level.

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