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Show manager tools

Design an event your audiences want and build deeper connections


New strategies, better events

Today’s audiences expect more from your show. This comprehensive guide offers insights to help you deliver an experience that’s fresh, relevant, and valuable for attendees (and partners). Key topics include audience acquisition, show floor engagement, measurement, and more.


Have your audiences rolling on the floor

Here’s everything you need to elevate audience engagement with the spotlight on an untapped resource: the show floor. Our pros outline how to design a floor that has better flow, designated areas tailored for your attendees, and new revenue-generating ways for sponsors to create more organic connections.


Find your people

The best events are all about the audiences. Attracting and growing your attendee base is always important, but today the stakes are even higher with so many demographic shifts. This guide walks you through these shifts with tips and insights to update your database and grow your show.


Your new measurement mindset

It’s time to refresh your measurement approach and zero in on return on objectives (ROO). Get the insights you need to navigate data capture and the framework to make sure you’re tracking the right things at the right time to build a better in-person experience.

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Get in touch to request a consultation.

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