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Data Integration: A Beginner's Guide

Why integration needs to be a priority and how to make it successful

What you will learn↑

  • The importance of data integration
  • How to create successful integrations for your events
  • What questions to ask to maximize the value of your integrations
  • Why a centralized integration platform is the future of integration

Event technology is so much more complex than it used to be — organizers are able to harness the power of connectivity and mobile devices to handle everything from registration and sponsorships to exhibitor management, attendee engagement, and more.

Data is one of the biggest gifts these event technology tools can provide, but it can also pose one of the largest challenges. If everything doesn't communicate properly, things can get disorganized fast, resulting in errors, frustration, and worst of all, a bad experience for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

That's where data integration comes into play. Integration helps organizers make sure their technology solutions are all speaking the same language, streamlining the attendee experience and reducing the potential for redundancies and errors.

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