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Engagement Means Everything for Experiences

Brand experiences come alive through active engagement

Immersive, unique experiences that capture attendee attention are the ultimate event goal. But it can be a challenge for marketers to keep up with growing audience demands and continually deliver new and exciting ways to engage with attendees.

Don’t worry — our engagement experts have you covered. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to engage any target audience at your next event. 

Struggling to reach younger audiences? Millennials and Gen Z attendees can sometimes be a mystery to marketers, but our resident Gen Z shares some insight about how to capture younger hearts and minds with unique and engaging experiences.


Ever wonder why experts say you should always paint a bedroom blue, or never paint a living room red? Color can have a huge influence on our emotions and change how we engage with an experience. To learn more, we dug into the neuroscience you can harness to make a colorful impact.


Speaking of neuroscience, color isn’t the only thing that can be applied to create deeper and more immersive engagement. Our sense of smell can subconsciously affect behavior and is often tied to memory and mood — so take advantage of this under-utilized trigger and create a sensory experience for your attendees.


There’s a reason the mobile game Pokémon Go captured people all over the world when it launched, and it’s not just because of the adorable monsters you hunt and catch. It’s a fun, immersive digital experience — one that can inspire marketers to adopt similar engagement strategies.


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