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Make it an Experience, Not Just an Exhibit

Exceptional trade show audio visual strategies for exhibits

What you will learn↑

  • How exhibit booth lighting can direct attention and traffic
  • Ways to plan for audio intentionally, and why it matters
  • How to ensure your exhibit multimedia is engaging and impactful, not just cool
  • Why a presentation stage is more feasible than you may think

Are you paying attention to how your visitors look around and listen up? Don’t let critical audio visual solutions be afterthoughts to your big exhibit idea.

Start with a trade show exhibit lighting plan mapped to your goals. Create a soundproof audio strategy that works, whether you’re ramping up the energy or creating a peaceful environment. Consider multimedia exhibit design strategies or a presentation stage to add impact.

Our Audio Visual for Trade Show Exhibits workbook includes best practices, handy glossaries, and examples, curated from our extensive experience designing and building booths of all sizes. It’s distilled down into must-know info with useful work areas to document your ideas.

Get practical advice on a range of trade show audio visual solutions so you can confidently design an experience for any size footprint and budget.

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