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Deliver A Commanding Performance

How to cast your exhibit staff for a smash-hit booth

What you will learn↑

  • The formula for determining the right size exhibit staff
  • Why you need more than just salespeople on the floor
  • Training tips to deliver engaging and enthusiastic booth staffers
  • How to qualify leads, conduct post-show follow-up, and track success

Ready to set the stage for a successful trade show booth?

It’s crucial to build the perfect exhibit staff to represent your brand. This guide is your go-to resource for recruiting, training, and incentivizing a motivated booth staff with helpful tips on lead management (hint: it’s more than just collecting business cards).

After all, the success of your exhibition experience lies with your team and their ability to make productive and enduring face-to-face connections with attendees. Don’t you want them to be ready for prime time?

This greatest hits collection of trade show booth staff tips has everything you need to set up and train a star-studded crew and ensure that marketing and sales are hitting their marks for a successful show!

Download our booklet today ⬇️ and start building your ideal booth team.

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