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Exhibiting in the United States: Your Trade Show To-Do List

Everything you need to prepare for your state-side experience

Taking your trade show exhibit abroad can be an excellent opportunity to expand your reach into new markets. One of the biggest markets, of course, is the United States. However, it can be tricky to figure out how U.S. trade shows differ from those in other regions.

That’s why Freeman® created this checklist: to help you keep track of differences along the way. By checking off everything on this list, you’ll help avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy a much smoother trade show experience.

Review the list and download your copy below! 

Personal Matters

  • Research visa requirements and secure visas if needed
  • Ensure passport will not expire within the next six months
  • Book accommodations
  • Check for local holidays/events to determine flight/hotel/traffic volume
  • Check mobile carrier plan for roaming fees/options
  • Alert credit card company to upcoming travel
  • Download app for transportation (Uber/Lyft/local cab company)
  • Book flights, keeping event setup and breakdown times in mind
  • Ensure rep has personal credit card or cash for ancillary expenses

Prepping for the Show

  • Read the show’s exhibitor manual and complete any required paperwork
  • Secure a local exhibit partner for easier arrangements/planning
  • Get quote for material handling fees
  • Decide on on-site delivery or advanced warehouse delivery
  • Ask about labor arrangements and labor rates
  • Ask if you can walk some materials into the venue yourself, or if it all must be handled by labor

Your Booth

  • Think about your goals for your booth
  • Ask about booth requirements and limitations
  • Decide whether to ship your exhibit or rent one locally
  • If shipping:
    • Get estimate for shipping/material handling costs
  • If renting:
    • Make arrangements with exhibit rental company
    • Adapt graphics for imperial measurements and pipe-and-drape booths
  • Determine if you need overhead signage
  • Figure out carpeting requirements
  • Consider other needs: storage, meeting space, power?
  • Talk to event partners/venue about voltage requirements
  • If bringing local food/drink, check with customs and your event partner regarding legality and regulations

When exhibiting internationally, there is a host of things to think about. However, with methodical planning and the assistance of an experienced event partner, your foray into overseas exhibiting will be a success. 

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