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Trade Show Trends to Inspire Your Next Exhibit

Reinvent your exhibit space with these hot trends

What you will learn↑

  • Stay up on the latest exhibit trends
  • Find inspiration and learn about emerging concepts
  • Jot down notes on how you can apply these ideas to your own exhibit

A bright, shiny new exhibit opportunity is a marketer’s dream — nothing inspires us quite like a clean slate of possibility. And, of course, in our lives of non-stop meetings, ongoing to-do list cycles, budgets, and more, there’s nothing better than ticking off boxes as we prepare for our next trade show.

Planning a successful event calendar includes eyeing the latest trends and insights that can make our exhibit booth brand experiences even better.

That's where the Freeman Trend Lab comes into play.

This insights incubator identifies and distills emerging concepts and cultural shifts to predict the newest influential factors (and opportunities!) evolving our industry. To help you prepare for your next trade show exhibit, we’ve compiled our top six trends from the lab.

Whether you’re headed to the trade show floor in the next few weeks or simply looking for inspiration from the comfort of your office chair, use this handy sheet to jot down notes and mark the ones that spark ideas for your next brand experience.

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