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Measurement & ROI for Event Marketers

Build event success with a clearly defined measurement plan

Do you have a standard approach to event performance measurement? 

Most organizations participate in a diverse portfolio of events — from private corporate events to trade show exhibits, road shows, and beyond. The metrics used to measure performance need to be flexible enough to measure these various types of experiences, yet also provide meaningful, actionable insights.

It's time to roll up your sleeves and get real when it comes to ROI. 

Compare your events to our industry benchmarks

  • 92%

    Net buying influence of attendees

  • 50

    Average event NPS® rated by attendees

  • 49%

    Average number of first-time attendees

Additional Measurement Resources for Marketers

The Hidden Story Behind Your Numbers

Trying to report on event success and long-term health through one lens can be misleading. It’s important that your measurement and reporting strategy takes into account the right metrics, and lays them out in a way that tells a clear and cohesive story. 

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Best Practices for Maximizing Event Data

Clearly communicating the results
 of your event investments requires collecting the right data to begin with, and effectively analyzing and leveraging that data post-event. By following this five-step strategy for consistent, centralized data collection and analysis, event marketers can ensure that investment is leveraged to the fullest.

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Designing Your Metrics Road Map

It's up to today's organizations to decide what tomorrow's rules will be. Marketers and event organizers who aren't afraid to capitalize on new technology will be the ones who determine what the future will hold.

The challenge, though, lies in recognizing the opportunities before us. And therein lies the power — and the promise — of data.

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