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Measurement & ROI for Trade Show Exhibitors

Build booth success with a clearly defined measurement plan

Do you have a standard approach to trade show performance measurement? 

Most organizations exhibit at a variety of trade shows. The metrics used to measure performance need to be flexible enough to measure these various types of experiences, yet also provide meaningful, actionable insights.

It's time to roll up your sleeves and get real when it comes to exhibit booth ROI.

Compare your booth to our industry benchmarks

  • 38%

    Average visitor NPS®

  • 82%

    Average visitor net buying influence

  • 42%

    of visitors indicate exhibit as being extremely or very influential in regard to purchase intent

Additional Measurement Resources for Exhibitors

Set Your Exhibit Measurement Strategy

To create engaging, personalized experiences, exhibitors must constantly mine ideas that connect with customers. But to ensure those ideas reap successful returns, you also need solid exhibit strategies backed by empirical data.

Numbers tell a clear story, which makes them ideal for providing solid insight. By analyzing metrics and setting benchmarks within your exhibit program, you gain valuable wisdom on participation, event selection, spending, future strategies, and performance improvement.

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Key Post-Show Questions to Ask Your Sales Team

You came; you exhibited; you conquered. Before you call your exhibit experience a wrap, be sure to debrief with your sales team about the experience — from booth layout and audience assessment to key takeaways.

Surveying your internal team post-show can make the difference between a good experience and a great one. Taking time to hear and understand valuable perspectives affects budgets, strategies, and ROI.

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Designing Your Metrics Road Map

It's up to today's organizations to decide what tomorrow's rules will be. Marketers and event organizers who aren't afraid to capitalize on new technology will be the ones who determine what the future will hold.

The challenge, though, lies in recognizing the opportunities before us. And therein lies the power — and the promise — of data.

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